Random Thoughts I have Had in This Game.

This is mostly copy and pasted from a text document i have been adding to, just with random crap.

"Preston looks like a shorter version of Samuel L Jackson that doesnt say mothafucka every 5 seconds

Cant wait until i make momma murphy overdose, the old bitch.

My settlers arent working. I'm going to enslave them and send them to Abernathy Hell Hole.

My the fuck did bethesda give you a minigun, laser weapon, and power armor in the first 3 minutes?

think i am going to turn Starlight Drive-in into a drug lab. cuz free caps.

Almost got crushed by a vertibird. Every part of me got crippled in the explosion. fuck you BOS

Why is there such a collection of drugs? Over the course of 200 years,you would assume most of it got used up.

Wish i could play as a deathclaw. I could go beat the fuck out of preston.


A Laptop version of a Terminal would be cool. wonder if i can find a mod for that.

2 Words. Deathclaw Dinosaur. that would be wicked cool. (pardon my boston. i actually live in boston, so R is H, "Pop" is Soda, and wicked means something completely different). Deathclaw Brontosaurus.

Flying Deathclaws. I would shit myself. Then shoot myself because i wouldnt want to live in that world.

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Entry Number: Who the fucks knows. Subject: Preston still looks like Samuel L Jackson, But refuses to call me motherfucker.

Why Does Nate look so much like David Schwimmer? wait, Paleontologist. DEATHCLAW DINOSAURS!!!!

If Harold's Seeds populated the Capital Wasteland, assuming I saved him (i did), and Fallout 4 takes place 10 years after. With the given logic that fruit and vegitabales grow in just 24 hours, Then Harold Trees should have grown all over the Capital, The Commonwealth, and even Appalachia. Actually appalachia has a lot of trees that dont appear to be dead. wtf this is a long entry.

I'm Sorry Bethesda, Why does my entire Muttfruit plantation grow back in a fucking day???

Just got raided by a herd of bloodbugs. But now the settlement has some meat. gross, but edible.

Over the course of 210 years, no one has fixed up a car. Seriously. Maybe even a Carriage pulled by Brahmin? NOPE!! Walk yo fat ass all over the fucking commonwealth.

If Ghouls live forever, then there could be Ghouls when the world returns to normal (assuming it does eventually) from before the war. They can tell their stories of how they are over thousands of years old, and how the wastelands were so different.

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Are there any countries that didnt get bombed? Like australia or Africa? So life is as normal as it gets there. Or is there Giant ass mutated kangaroos.

preston mark my map again and i'll throw you in the fucking ocean.

PIVOT!! PIVOT!! PIVOT!!. Thats the only thing i could think of when i was trying to put a couch into place in my settlement. (If you dont get it, it is a joke from Friends.)

Why is it that the roads look better 200 years after an explosion, without any repair. Why do these roads have less potholes then real life Mass roads.

IF this is really Mass, then where are the Dunkin Donuts every 5 feet? ON EVERY ROAD.

If we have Tatos. And we have Razorgrain. We can make Bread and Sauce. We have brahmins, and we have milk, so we can make Cheese. So Pizza is technically possible. When is someone going to open up a pizza restaurant in the commonwealth?

So if Bread is possible, and cows exist, as well as cheese is possible, and tatos can be made into Ketchup, Then i want a cheeseburger. So much food is possible that these lazy fucks are to fucking lazy to make.

Preston marked my map again. I'm going to tie up is stupid ass and enslave him at starlight. The general ass bitch."

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Thats everything. Most of it is true. Preston annoys me a lot.

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