Ranking The dlc from fallout 3 to fallout 4

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Ranking DLC

where would you place each DLC from fallout 3 to fallout 4? here’s my list Fallout 3: 4: Mother ship zeta, just felt like a shitty halo level 3: Operation anchorage, just felt like a shitty call of duty level 2: point lookout, Cool new area with with decent story 1: broken steel, didn’t really make sense but had a focus on combat and made you able to play after the fame ended.

fallout new vegas: 6: Couriers stash, added no story but actually made the courier feel like he had been around instead of this being his first job 5: Gun runners arsenal, added a bunch of really powerful weapons and Attachments and had a decent reason for it 4: Dead money, i personally not a big fan of dead money but it beats any of the fallout 3 dlc 3: Honest hearts, i like the setting of zion canyon and was very nice to look at. decent story but i found it enjoyable 2: old world blues, don’t really like the way it starts but every character has great voice acting and it’s very enjoyable 1: Lonesome road, i love the atmosphere in this dlc from the characters to the challenging enemies, it feels like a fitting end to the couriers journey even though it doesn’t end the game. Fallout 4: 4: all the building DLC. not much point to them but for case building they added some cool elements 3: Automatron, i loved being able to build and customize my own robots and the mechanist was a cool through back to fallout 3 2: far harbour, loved the setting and really liked the characters and weapons added 1: Nuka World, was the closest thing you could do to feel like a “bad guy” other then being mean to people. awesome new armour and weapons as well as some cool characters and radiant quests.

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Now how would you guys rank the dlc?

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