Recon and covert armour NEED TO BE CRAFTABLE

Tagging u/ladydevann as I feel this atleast needs acknowledged if not addressed by the devs. I know many of the community feel the same way. I left a TL/DR below as to why many of us feel this needs changed. (And have since steel dawn)

For those unaware, Bethesda are adding another set of armour via plans earned in daily ops. Yet again this armour cannot be crafted. This really has to change. Not only is it a waste of our time, it's a waste of time for those that design them.

Originally this system was added with wastelanders to prevent duplication of newer gear. The main difference being that these items could be crafted. The system was a little frustrating sure but it worked. The player still had to work towards and grind out legendary modules to craft the armour/weapons. Even if they weren't getting god rolls for months at a time, they'd still be able to make some kind of progress on their build.

With this new system there is no progression. Bethesda wants to keep players endlessly grinding for pieces they'll never obtain in order to keep them invested. In reality, very few actually care about the new armour. Very few actually actually waste their time trying to get the gear. Therefore only a very small minority are invested in this grind. The polar opposite of what Bethesda intend. If you want to keep players invested then there needs to be something to be invested in. As it stands with the new armour, there's nothing to work towards. You either get lucky or you don't. You most likely don't. Everyone realises this by now.

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In closing; if you want people to keep playing, give them a reason to


The current system and why it needs to change: – you need to grind for the plans before you even have a chance to get the gear. It might take Bob six days, it might take Bill six months.

  • No crafting means you have a 1/350'000+ chance to get the one piece you want. This could take years. But at this point you've probably stopped playing. You're forced to either not care about the new armour or hopelessly pray to RNGesus.

The old system and why it worked – You need to grind for the plans. There is no RNG but there is a fixed period it takes to unlock all pieces.

  • Crafting means you're constantly working towards getting the pieces you need for your build. It may take months but atleast the pieces you roll are for the set you're working towards.

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