Request: Make all weapons useful

I know we've all felt the pain of killing SBQ or some other high-end 3* legendary and feeling the letdown of looting a nocturnal rolling pin.

The varying quality of legendary effects aside, wouldn't it be nice if that rolling pin could, let's say, be modded with saw blades and a motor into a two-handed whirling bar of bloodletting?

There's too many weapons in Appalachia that are only useful at very low levels, and this leads to a painful lack of visual distinction on weapon choices between players at high levels. This seems like a real shame given all the effort that Bethesda puts into outfits.

My proposal is that Bethesda does a balance pass for weapons to either boost base stats or provide new and interesting high-level mods, with the end result being that you actually could hold your own with a sweet legendary rolling pin drop. I have a pretty excellent shishkabob, but I feel like I HAVE to use it even though I don't love how it feels in my hands. A hatchet has a much more satisfying "thunk" when you sneak up and whack a baddie on the skull, but the damage output just can't keep up.

I recently watched a friend get excited over a 3* Junkie boxing glove drop, deciding to go all-out on addictions because it would be super fun to punch things to death with a glove. With mods and the 50% boost from 5 addictions, it still isn't scoring damage to keep up with a non-legendary Power Fist.

That's a real shame. The wasteland is at its best when it's both bloody AND weird.

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