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The included picture is a creation of mine, the Winter Wonderland Winery!

A long time ago, in the early 2000’s, mmorpg games were a massive hit, games such as EverQuest and RuneScape to name two that I’m very familiar with. These games created communities and everlasting friends. Arguably, this period was the Golden Age or Role-Play games.

With Fallout 76 being among my favorite games, I find one aspect to be such a major hinderance to my enjoyment. As many of you know, the Fallout franchise is a Role-Playing franchise, one in which you play in the life of a post apocalyptic survivor. Fallout 4 is deemed one of the worst in the franchise by some for giving the main character a voice, shattering one of the core elements of role playing.

Fallout 76 – while giving the illusion that it’s a very role play based game – has little actual role-playing. With the addition of Wastelanders, it’s given a sense of “chaotic” versus “lawful” elements which I very much enjoy, but the actual role playing mechanics are slim to none. Voice chat is rarely ever actually utilized, and if it is, it’s in party chats or to complain about something; there’s no text chat for those without mics, which I have seen SEVERAL complaints about on this group alone; there’s hardly ever player interactions, aside from a wave emote or trading between characters; and the feel is much more “I’m surviving and there are other people around me,” and that’s about it.

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What happened to the Role-Playing games that allowed you to create businesses and friendships? Where are those? I know it can be quite difficult to make, but I think Bethesda can make it happen. I hope with more updates, it can come to fruition.

What I’m trying to get at is, I’ve built a bar for one of my characters. Sam Turner. His family owned a diner when he was young, and when the bombs fell, he was placed in the Vault to hopefully bring an functioning economy into the New World. That’s exactly what he was raised to do, and what he wanted to do. But a diner? No, he found Wastelanders enjoyed alcohol, so he changed and adapted.

My best-friend has plans to build a restaurant (he’s an avid cook in real life, and I am a bartender; it’s only natural), and we just wish that we had these amenities in our game to allow for such interactions. Maybe even private servers dedicated to role playing.

I write this post in hopes that there are others who share similar goals, and maybe we can get the attention of Bethesda themselves. I hope we can make this a reality. I yearn for the days as a kid when I would be a pirate or a wizard, joining guilds and building friendships. Nowadays, Role-Play games lack this. Let’s make a change.

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