‘Roleplaying’ – The key to investment and longevity

Over the past few days now we've been noticing a steady decline in Fallout 76's player numbers following Wastelanders. This is something that should be reasonably expected given the flow of content has cut down dramatically. But what if I told you a lack of official content doesn't always need to contribute to lower player numbers?

This is where Todd's E3 'Every other person out there is another player' philosophy comes in. The golden goose. Roleplaying. Giving players the tools to actively invest themselves and create their own self-driven content in the interim between major content drops from Bethesda. If you're thinking 'Come on, Roleplayers are a small minority of players, how are they going to make a difference?' – My answer to that would be this: The investment and number of roleplayers will always be directly proportional to the amount of systems in place to facilitate roleplaying. The more blocks you have, the more you can build and the longer you'll spend building it.

Right now, there are several key features Fallout 76 could use to bolster it's own Roleplaying community, cementing a core playerbase of invested, self-motivated players.

Text Chat:
This is a must, not everyone has a microphone and the use of one in Roleplay generally isn't the most ideal. It's a less refined, controlled method of player communication with results that vary wildly. Fallout 76 desperately needs a method of communication in text form and this feature is essential to giving the Roleplaying community a structurally sound backbone.

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Player created and operated Guilds / Factions:
In the grand scheme of things, this one is a gimme based on the game's setting. Give players a system where they can join together in overarching groups and create their own player-run narratives based around these groups. Make it so players can designate their camps as belonging to whatever 'faction' they subscribe to and give them a bevvy of customization and personalization options they can use to set their faction / guild apart. Whether that be custom ranks within faction members, custom faction naming, factions icons and emblems, the ability to set faction objectives, leave messages of the day, incentivize activities done together with your faction buddies. It all falls into place. This can even extend far beyond the realms of roleplaying into more dedicated PvE and PvP niches. 'Guilds' for collectors, hunters, crafters, etc, etc, etc –

Greater Character Customization:
It confuses me that players in 76 are given the option, freely at any time to change their appearance on the fly. Yet those behind the game seem extremely reluctant to capitalize on player customization. Simply adding more to the somewhat pitiful lineup of tattoos and hairstyles present in the atomic shop would do wonders for players coming into the game or refining their characters with new options. Consistently, in other MMOs, Character customization options are some of the items in the highest demand from the community. Expand these options into new scars, beards, makeup options – The world is your oyster.

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Bethesda is missing out on a limitless supply of player-driven content for both Roleplayers and those that come across them. Skipping over tried and tested methods of grooming player investment at a time where periods between official content drops are becoming dead zones.

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