SCORE Earnings Review and Screenshots of Daily/Weekly Challenges for June 30th (for those at work)

Content of the article: "SCORE Earnings Review and Screenshots of Daily/Weekly Challenges for June 30th (for those at work)"

In case you're wondering what's involved with the new tasks for the SCORE system and what can be gained from them:


Note that there is one Nuclear Winter daily today. It's likely something you could do as a bush wookie.

Total Possible Gains from Weeklies (excluding repeatable XP gains): 7500

Total Possible Gains from Dailies: 2000

Total Gains per Week: 21,500 SCORE

edit with new thoughts on rank gains:

It seems that the amount of SCORE needed to rank-up increases by 25 each time, so while you can get 21,500 SCORE per week, the number of ranks that will purchase will decrease over time.

Based on my current math– adding an additional +25 SCORE needed per rank– it will take just over 200k SCORE to reach rank 100. That's about 10 weeks of doing the dailies and weeklies religiously.

Now, that will be offset by the repeatable 100 SCORE from gaining 10k XP, but how much pressure it takes off isn't something I can guess at yet. Maybe some players will grind XP like crazy and significantly reduce the timegate for rank 100. Also, the grind will be further offset if you decide to spend the 1500 atoms you get from progressing the track on more ranks– doing so will save you having to grind out 10 of those ranks (1500 atoms from full completion = 10 rank-ups). That seems significant.

So it seems that maxing to rank 100 will likely take about 8-10 weeks total for the average player. Basically, you have enough time to get it done, but you'll likely have to play a lot to do it, if you don't want to break out your wallet. So maybe not so accessible to the more casual players… but in the end, maybe casual players won't mind not getting all the rewards? Hard to say, which means this may well be a contentious change for the game, for now.

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Bethesda did say that they're looking at ways to add more SCORE opportunities, including some of the new daily content coming in future updates (check the roadmap).

Final thought: If anything in this post seems off, please let me know in the comments.

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