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As an SCP fan and a fan of Bethesda games, I find it in myself that merging them together is exciting. This build is very focused on a thriller and survival horror type of playthrough. Very militarily in depth as well. Preferably, playing this build with mods that focus on both military/tactical gear and horror/scary creatures.

Mods (Optional) Special Operations Officer https://youtu.be/fdxCTApRSAk

Modern Firearms (Any other weapon mods you like) https://modern-firearms-fo4.info https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/22871

Children of Ug-Qualthoth https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/43527


You were part of a Mobile Task Force dealing with SCP that has anomalous properties that . Rougly, it has powers that open to other dimensions. It gives off hume levels so strong that Scranton Reality Anchors basically are ineffective. You were sucked in and as you were entered into the highly radiated land, you inhaled a gas similar to SCP-939's spores. It has amnestic properties; implanting false memories that you lived in that world and were given a family in a relatively peaceful and advanced utopia. The amnestics also render you to think that your military discipline and skill came from you serving the military in the previous world, not the extensive training in the Foundation.

However, pieces of your memory return. You have the sudden urge to find anomalies out in the wasteland. You keep hearing "Secure. Contain. Protect" over and over. Thus your journey begins.


Strength – 3
Perception – 4
Endurance – 3
Charisma – 9 (make 10 with SPECIAL book)
Intelligence – 5
Agility – 3
Luck- 1


Remembering your basic training, you utilize military and guerilla tactics that aid in your survival. Automatic weapons and ballistic armor are your go to. Military grade. Have a companion, always good to have a soldier watching your back. (perferable MacCready)

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You dealt with dangerous anomalies and contained them for the Foundation. On your travels you use the "Animal Friend" perk to "contain" strange creatures you find.

You also contain and keep anomalous items wherever your settlement is at. Items such as Kremvh's Tooth and the Alien Blaster. They must be contained and kept under the highest security at your settlement.

As for alignment with factions, join either the Minutemen or the Brotherhood of Steel, until you get to the Institute, which you "resonate" with most due to their research and development programs. (I see the BoS as more of the GOC, the Railroad as the Serpent's Hand, Raiders as the Chaos Insurgency and some even as MC&D).

You aid Jack Cabot as you believe in his motives and reasonings to contain Lorenzo, as he is an anomaly too dangerous for the world. He must be contained or eliminated.


Main Quest- Side with the Institute

Special Delivery(All Cabot Quests)- Help Jack, he aligns with the Foundation's goals.

Kremvh's Tooth- Contain it for it's anomalous properties.

Find and contain the Alien Blaster

Museum of Witchcraft

Hope you enjoy šŸ™‚

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