Season pass gives 1500 atoms… in total.

I don't expect free stuff and I'm more than willing to pay for atoms if I really want something and don't have the atoms. However after looking through the pass I can safely say I probably wont use about 75-85% of the stuff it awards. Without trying to sound ungrateful, 1500 atoms was previously obtainable every 2 weeks or so, now we earn it every 3 months and that is under the assumption we complete the pass.

I was 100% down for the pass as they said that, yes we would be gaining less atoms, we would also get a bunch of free rewards. I didn't think those rewards would be reskins of stuff I ALREADY paid for; Raider gas mask, Captain Cosmos Outfit (which they had the audacity to put into the shop right before releasing the pass)

I'm happy that there are ways to get free stuff as most games don't give us the chance to earn it. However this has just taken a lot of the freedom I had to choose the rewards I earned and does't leave me a whole lot of reason to play the game. I was very excited for the pass, however with the lack of new content releasing alongside it and the subpar rewards. I don't think I'll be able to stay very engaged long enough to complete it. I really hope future seasons are organised better in that regard.

Edit: Downvote all you want however this is valid criticism of a them changing a system that, while it may have not been the best or most engaging, essentially let me choose my rewards in turn of a linear system that decreases the value of my time spent in the game.

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