Second Season of my fictional Fallout 4 show, having Nora side with the institute

Content of the article: "Second Season of my fictional Fallout 4 show, having Nora side with the institute"

Season 2

1.0 After meeting her son and other inhabitants of the Institute, she must make a decision on who to side with

2.0 one week in, Nora chooses to side with the Institute and starts to help out as Shaun is hiding a secret from his mother and nora gets curious

3.0 reeling from the reveal that her son is dieing, Nora sets out to find some form of cure

4.0 after a 3 day journey, Nora returns to the institute with nothing in tow and must spend her moments with her son and is later faced with a big decision (in this episode, a sort of slowing cure is made which slows down his cancer and he lives through to the 13th episode)

5.0 After accepting the position of Director of the Institute, Nora goes about in improving her reputation amongst the staff

6.0 continuing her first day as director, Nora sets out to recover lost synths

7.0 5 days into her position as Director, Nora heads to Mass fusion to recover a beryllium agitator but faces the obstacle of the brotherhood of steel

8.0 Nora heads to Greygardens to recover a scientist named Wallace but meets the Minutemen who could be friend or foe

9.0 all in hand and obstacles dealt with, Nora activates the generator and then takes a moment to talk with the Divisional heads on a new directory and Nora's vision

(Following these next two episodes, Nora's personality molded by the wasteland is shaped more, even before these episodes, as a Anti hero/sort of Heisenberg character)

10 Nora is faced with the difficult task of eliminating her past aquantices, the Railroad, but finds the decision tough

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12 on the heels of the destruction of Railroad HQ and the elimination of its members, Nora finds sets her sights on doing the same to the Brotherhood of Steel

13 Nora after the 2 weeks of being the Director of the Institute and all she has done, she takes a final moment with her son as he starts to die and as she starts to question herself and her actions

14 After her sons death, Nora affirms her decision to the Commonwealth and the staff of the institute that the institute will act as peacefarers and guiders (Thinking of doing a Nuka World season and a Far Harbor Season)

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