Settlement Fortresses: Favorite Locations

These are my favorites in general but also function well with the Settlement Ambush Kit: * Warwick: only one spawn direction and they can easily be funneled around the fence and through the water into a killzone. Turrets on the large structure get disabled quickly especially by hoards of minigun Super Mutants, but the small one in back is out of range and missile turrets work gud. You can also place turrets on the rooftop water tower that are mostly safe, and if you have Workshop Turret Pack the fatman ones are just devastating from up there. Also, your generator, water, and beacons are totally safe from destruction when placed all the way back in the other big structure with the pipes. * Abernathy’s tower can be covered with turrets but multiple spawn directions can be a problem. Still pretty entertaining though. Definitely no fatman turrets here, they’ll pivot around and nuke themselves/you… * Croup Manor’s spawn locations are far away so rooftop turrets get most attackers before they’re even close to the wire. Power and beacons are safe up there too. Build limit seems small here so I forego fencing for a large rooftop structure for my 18 gun-bots. * Murkwater has a very high build height and can also have a huge turret-covered tower, but like Abernathy your power and beacons are vulnerable when placed on the ground. But big towers are cool… * Kingsport’s lighthouse is another turret monolith, the spawn points are down on the road, and utilities can be set up out of reach down on the dock. The house blocks some of the missiles but the cliff in front of the house can be armed and your defenses won’t be destroyed by your own missiles. With some careful squaring the attic floor can be repaired and accessed with scaffolding then expanded for another elevated platform, but not too high or you’ll get missiles in your face/butt. * Hangman’s Alley is fun with its natural funnel as long as you barricade the doors, and the narrow spaces can be lined with otherwise useless shotgun and flamer turrets. But settlers will hunt down attackers way outside the boundary and won’t be covered by turret fire. There’s no effective high ground vantage points either, but once they’re in the alley it’s a massacre. * Dalton Farm: I put a lighthouse on the cliff overlooking the beach and a large dormitory out in the water, both loaded with turrets. With minimal fencing the waves can be directed through the surf then atomized. Some attackers come around the fast travel spawn area but with a couple walls at the wrecked houses they will have to run along the waterfront and through another gauntlet. * Visitors Center has an absurdly high build height and already has effective fencing. I ignore the parking lot and use a gigantic scaffolding tower built on top of the house, littered with guns of course. I also like to use a weather change firework to clear the skies to help with the high altitude visibility. If you use a delayed off switch pylon you can load several and it will only fire one at a time. * Nordhagen Beach: huge area and one of my favorites to build perimeter walls. A large pier will support housing structures leaving plenty of room for gardens or stores etc. and a concrete bunker near the bridge is reasonably safe from damage. Like Dalton, attackers can be forced through the surf and slaughtered en masse. Turrets can be concentrated on the beach but I like having them ring the walls too, even though repairing them can be a pain when they’re spread out. * Egret Marina: spawn points are a little close but the best part about this one is the narrow entrance + small diner at the end of the pier for a pile of turrets. Leave the gap between main buildings open and attackers will be funneled into another deadly gauntlet of turret fire. Generator(s) can be well protected in the warehouse or pier shack and water purifiers are mostly safe from damage back there. The rooftop can be repaired to accommodate housing structure and provide another turret surface to access those waves that spawn on the hill.


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