Should I play Fallout:A post nuclear roleplaying game?

I know yall get tired of questions like "Should I play insert fallout game here?", but this question is relevant for me because I have a certain type of game I like to play. My first fallout was fallout 4 and I enjoy new vegas. I bought the oldschool fallout games last year just because all three old fallout games were for sale for $5. I bought them to complete collection of fallout games. My thing is, I dont know if it's worth trying because it's a turn based rpg and everyone that had played it says that it's a really hard and challenging game and that intimidates me.

Is it dark souls 3 level of challenging or is it just a little tedious? Is the fun you get out of the game worth the grind? Is it better than the recent games? How can I make this game easier for myself?

I never hear anyone post about it in this subreddit so I wanna know your thoughts and if you have any tips to make this game more playable. I must admit, I don't like all this turn based combat stuff. I takes up my patience and it makes me feel like my freedom has been taken away. It's also that I have no control over whether my character wins or loses combat because I cant run or take cover. I also dont like the fact that my ADHD ass has to wait for the enemy to take its turn and if I want to run away in the middle of combat, the enemies will still be fighting me so I'll have to take my turn when moving. It's also the fact that the game is in 3rd person with its top-down view makes me feel less immersed, however it has an old school vibe to it, it has more of a dark feeling, and it's the original so I feel like I could learn about the lore and why the old fallout fans love this game so much. I also hear it has more choices and options and what you pick changes how the game story plays out. Its more of an rpg compared to fallout 4.

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