Sniper rifles now shoot Tatos instead of high velocity rounds

Content of the article: "Sniper rifles now shoot Tatos instead of high velocity rounds"

Not sure how else to explain how pathetic they feel now. It honestly feels like when you start out unspeced and get your first hunting rifle. Plinking away all cute like.

The distance drop off (even with maxed out long shot) seems exponentially greater than before, which is why face-tanking youtubers shooting from 10 feet away incorrectly said that the damage reduction for rifleman wasn’t that bad.

The higher pre-nerf (yes it’s a mf’ing nerf) damage was the only thing that mitigated the distance damage drop off and made ADS shots at the very limits of the (in desperate need of a buff) range viable. This is a point that is usually overlooked by the face-tanking V.A.T.S spray and prayers who of course don’t have a problem holding down the trigger for a few more seconds…

So far I’ve tested:

-Full health AA



Using Hunting, Lever action, Combat, and Handmade rifles. (I don’t like the gauss, but I do have a few and will test them if anyone is interested)

I am still doing more testing, but as of now standing on the cliffs by West-Tek it looks like an average of 5-8 shots to kill SM’s level 75-100 depending on range and sneak status.

Note this is with maxed Rifleman, maxed Long Shot, edit: maxed Tank Killer, maxed Bloody Mess Adrenal Reaction and without Tenderizer or the new Legendary perk for ranged attacks or ballistic bock Etc.

No testing done in Daily Ops

At this point for scoped ADS, it seems like the handmade or combat /Fixer are the only semi rifles that can come close to putting out enough DPS in medium to close range in situations where you might be swarmed and stealth is not possible with the Handmade being superior due to less recoil and faster return to zero but either way you will definitely be visiting a carpal tunnel expert sooner than you were before…

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I’m not sure if anyone is interested in this info or not, but here it is anyway and again, big LOLS at the posters who said over and over that this wasn’t a nerf…you know who you are 🙂

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