So hey the Great Khans should be the focus of the next Fallout

Content of the article: "So hey the Great Khans should be the focus of the next Fallout"

Ok so I know nothing is set in stone but with all the dust stirred up by the deal with Microsoft and renewed hope in another Obsidian Fallout, I figured I’d throw my loose ideas out there.

The Great Khans have SO much potential to be a major faction after one of their endings in NV. And yes I think they should establish canon endings. Keeping it obscure works for TES because of the weird ass metaphysical background it has but I feel like Fallout’s setting absolutely needs to progress the world and story. But the Legion is going to collapse without Caesar no matter what. That’s gonna create a massive power vacuum that a burgeoning large scale raider faction can fill. The idea of the Khans carving out a brutal empire on the plains like their namesake is just beautiful to me. They could easily take over northern legion territory. If they got a foothold in the region the NCR would have a much bigger threat across the Colorado this time.

So the setup is basically the aftermath caused in southern Colorado, northern New Mexico, and Texas by Caesar’s death. He survived New Vegas but his worsening health and the stress of his absolute failure wore on him and he kicked the bucket. The Legion splintered just like Rome and was divided into factions while the NCR runs back to their territory to lick their wounds after Vegas became independent. The Khans migrate northeast away from their biggest threats and easily steam roll the raider gangs along there way. And the leadership took a page from Caesar’s book. Not just wiping out their enemies but integrating their tribes into their own and teaching them their ways.

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Years later the Khans are the dominant power in the region. The NCR learned it’s lesson after overextending into Nevada and have moved focus to consolidating power in their established territory and slowly pressing north up the coast. Legion territory has degenerated into constantly shifting borders of the splinter factions and bloody skirmishes between the legate warlords. As the Khans push south the threat of them establishing a foothold that could put them in a position to take the Southwest is a rising threat that the NCR wants to prevent. Instead of trying to force their borders East to meet the Khans in open war, they station ranger outposts far beyond their reach to operate independently towards the goal of undermining rapid Khan expansion.

The NCR as a whole won’t be a major faction in the game. You’d only interact with one of these outposts doing missions for and with the spec ops rangers there. Working against the Khans and even helping strengthen the local raider gangs and Legion remnant factions in the area to help oppose the new major enemy and serve as a buffer between NCR and Khan land. Basically the NCR’s equivalent of the Cold War.

Or on the other side you could help the Khans conquer the region by either beating down the smaller factions or uniting them under a Khan banner. And the individual raider gangs need to be truly fleshed out. Fallout 4 took a good step in that direction but you need to actually be able to interact with them in ways outside combat. Some aren’t immediately hostile to everything that moves and are open to diplomacy or making deals. Others are traditional raiders but may have a mission you can discover that makes them warm up to you or you can find a very specific bargaining chip for their specific culture.

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