So I was brainstorming with my old roommate about possible a Canadian/partially Canadian setting in a future Fallout game, and took it way too far.

Content of the article: "So I was brainstorming with my old roommate about possible a Canadian/partially Canadian setting in a future Fallout game, and took it way too far."

I've been thinking about this for the past few hours. I originally posted these ideas in this comment on r/gaming.

I think the following are the best options for Canadian representation in the Fallout franchise.

Fallout Cascadia:

-The map would be anchored by Vancouver on one end and Seattle on the other.

-Could do crazy things with coastal/elevation changes from seismic activity. Maybe turn it into a mountainous archipelago.

-Could have the NCR and other west coast factions pushing up from the south. You could also have a faction descended from Chinese soldiers that had to fight their way south from Alaska after the bombs dropped and they lost their supply lines/couldn't withdraw in the aftermath of Operation Anchorage.

Fallout Quebec:

-Anchored by Montreal and Quebec City. Stretch the map to Ottawa/Eastern Ontario if you're feeling ambitious (you could put a vault in the Diefenbunker!)

-Major factions could be descended from the US military occupation, Canadian government remnant, and Quebec separatists (their stronghold could be within the ramparts of Old Quebec). East coast factions from prev games are pushing up the interstate network and could have a foothold in Sherbrooke.

-Central conflict would be control of trade along Trans-Canada Highway/St. Lawrence River and/or economic hub of Montreal.

-National parks in the NW of the map could be overrun with high level monsters (polar yao guai anyone?)

-Quebec was among the earliest areas of North America to be colonized by European powers. Maybe the port in Quebec City has had strange visitors from far away?

-Obligatory unique power fist named the Shawinigan Handshake.

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Fallout Toronto:

-We already know "Ronto" is a canon location.

-Map is the centered in the middle of our universe (according to people who live there now). Stretches across Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, possibly north towards Lake Simcoe/Georgian Bay.

-Can include all the major Toronto landmarks, could do wacky things like have an expy of the Leafs in an eternal battle to win the Stanley Cup from the only other hockey team to survive the nukes. Maybe they've devolved into warrior clans, and compete for the cup in ritual combat.

-Another fun idea would be to have the CN Tower crumble and fall on the Skydome or something.

-Another good option for Bethesda to continue the storyline of the East coast factions, who would be expanding west/northwest in this case.

Fallout Niagara:

-Similar option to Fallout Toronto for including the east coast factions.

-map is bisected by the Niagara river, centered on Niagara Falls.

-Buffalo can be a major city or a ruined urban wasteland. Take your pick. I would use St. Catharines and Welland as the western border of the map. You could probably push to Hamilton, but at the point you may as well do Fallout Toronto instead.

-Maybe the vineyards of Niagara-on-the-lake are now unnaturally fertile farmland. Maybe they're growing something WEIRD.

-You could have a conflict over the hydroelectricity from the falls, although this may be too similar to New Vegas.

-Alternatively, the main conflict could revolve around Buffalo and St Catharines to control access to Lake Erie and Lake Ontario respectively, as well as fighting over the Niagara River to control transit between them.

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-Another potential focus on the river could be Canadian remnants who are none too pleased with the established east coast factions trying to push across into their turf (you could flip also flip this the other way and have the Canadians be the aggressors). This, again, may be to similar to New Vegas (NCR trying to hold the Legion along the Colorado River), but people have been competing over strategic rivers since quite literally the dawn of civilization (look up the etymology of Mesopotamia) so I'm willing to let it slide. After all, war… war never changes.

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