Some clarity on the current state of these bug fixes and investigations would be great.

This isn't a 'Bethesda shitpost' or an attempt to drive hate or stir up shit within the community, but to get some clarity about the current state of the game, or more precisely, the current state of affairs regarding the fixes and investigations that Dev's so regularly talk about when it comes to the bugs and glitches within the game.

It's about time something is REALLY done about the damn bugs. I don't mean enemies clipping into the world or player characters appearing as Wendigo's when they exit PA; I mean the ones that are actually effecting gameplay. It seems, and this has been pointed out in the comments by a few users, that Bethesda are quick to respond to bugs that players can benefit from. That's great, as usually this benefit can be an unfair advantage, such as the duping glitches that were occurring for example. If items are duped it ruins the atmosphere of "survival" in a way because it floods the game with weapons that otherwise would feel like an accomplishment for one to have obtained fairly, and therefore it's an issue that would need to be addressed immediately.

What's great about the response to the duping that they had was that they did exactly what they needed to do and they done it fast. We were without Vendors and displays for a little while but it was what they felt they needed to do, and for once they actually done exactly what they said they would do. It was a display of affirmative action and 'getting-shit-done', and by Bethesda's standard, it didn't take as long as many expected.

However, there's bugs and glitches that negatively effect the gameplay and quality of life within the game, and therefore take away from some of the enjoyment. There's literally handfuls of these bugs and glitches, too many to list out without inevitably leaving some out. The question is though, despite being told we're going to see them repaired and they're "looking into a fix", what are the Dev's actually doing up there at Bethesda? Because they sure as fuck aren't looking into fixing bugs. Unless they're very incompetent and it actually takes an age to fix these bugs, there's been bugs that have been pointed out and have received response from the Dev's as being said to have been 'looked into'. Some of these go back to shortly after release and yet we still put up with these bugs and have heard nothing since from the Beth Dev's.

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Now obviously, we're all eagerly anticipating the upcoming and future DLC's and additional content and it's great to know that the Dev's are working on the future of Fallout 76. Personally I'm not sure on how the teams are made up at Bethesda, whether they have a content creation team and a maintenance team that would be the ones to address bugs, or whatever the case may be, but I'm sure there's many of you in the Subreddit who do. One thing is for sure though is that the future will be rocky if nothing is done to address the present issues. Future content is great and all but with so many Quality Of Life flaws (and unfortunately the possibility of even more QOL flaws to come, as more and more seem to crop up with each update) it's almost dreaded to see what's going to prevent us from playing the future content in peace.

Obviously there's nothing that we, the playerbase, can do to speed up the process in terms of addressing the bugs (and before someone suggests a boycott, it'll never be achievable), but what we can do is ask for some clarity. On the Bethesda forums there's a thread under 'Fallout 76 Support' titled known issues and feedback discussion, but it gets no attention from Dev's. We post about bugs on Reddit and get a response from a Dev saying that it's being looked into, and that's all we hear about it. We might be lucky to see it in the next patch notes, but it's highly unlikely. Even if we open a support ticket we get a 'thanks, this will be / is being looked into currently and we're working on a fix' and that's it. People are finding it harder and harder to justify playing this game regularly when there appears to be nothing being PROPERLY done about the issues within.

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I think it'd be great if we could get an overall assessment, that gets updated regularly on all the known and reported issues. Dev's stay ACTIVE on this thread or forum or whatever form it takes, and regularly (and we're talking weekly here, maybe even ever day or two, not monthly) updates it so that the player base has the ability to see that work is actually being done to fix the nuisances that effect us constantly. In essence, this would allow the playerbase to see what issues the Dev's have highlighted and the regular progress of their investigations and fixes on the issues.

One other thing that comes to mind is the Fallout 76 reveal. I remember it well, when Todd Howard was on stage at E3 and he said

"I read on the internet that our games have had a few bugs. I did, I read it, on the internet, so it's true. And that sometimes, it doesn't just work".

It's as if they have this mentality that in their eyes the game is perfect, or well, at least 'playable', and therefore nothing needs to be said or done about any issues endured in the game. "Don't fix what isn't broken". I wonder if maybe this is why there is such a lack of transparency into that side of the Dev's and why we hear nothing further than "we're looking into it". It almost feels like a lack of respect toward their own community and they just put our problems on the back-burner. If they really cannot fathom why these issues are occurring or how to fix them, then there's no shame in reaching out to the modding community, who have probably already found ways to fix the bugs themselves. If that is the case, I'm sure the community would praise them for this kind of 'reaching out' as opposed to laughing at them for being incapable of doing it themselves.

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TL;DR: It's about time there's some transparency for the playbase into the current state of affairs regarding fixing known and constant bugs and issues that are riddled throughout the game and causing a negative effect on the gameplay. Perhaps a thread or forum on Bethesda's website with a list of known issues and bugs (as the current one receives no Dev attention) and is updated weekly with the progress of the investigation or fixes into said bugs.

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