Some of my loose ideas for an OG Fallout/New Vegas TV show

Content of the article: "Some of my loose ideas for an OG Fallout/New Vegas TV show"

Well, I've been daydreaming of an OG Fallout/New Vegas live action, but i hardly see Bethesda giving rights to it, so here I share with You some loose ideas of how I would do it if I was the showrunner and had a massive budget.

It would be a New Vegas Adaptation with some OG Fallout and Fallout 2 flashbacks and references. The main characters would be the Courier, Cass, Veronica, Arcade, Boone and Raúl; Each one having their story arc.

The Courier would be striked by Benny and saved at Goodsprings, then he would follow on sticking to the game's story untill he reached New Vegas, striked Benny back and became Mr. House's right hand. He would do all the in-game missions and then be sent to Utah by Mr. House seeking for Joshua Graham for aid and advice against Caesar and would help him and the Dead Horses fight off the White Legs. Then, before Hoover Dam, he would be contacted by Ulysses and pretty much do the same as in Lonesome Road, just Instead of the nukes, Ulysses would threathen to invade the Mojave with the Marked Men (That wouldn't be ghouls, just NCR/Legion survivors under Ulysses Command). The Courier would try to convince him to join, but Ulysses would say that if he bested him at combat he would leave the Marked Men under his command to prove he was a worthy force of change. He would kill Ulysses and return to the Mojave realizing Mr. House, the Legion and NCR were just remnants of a dead past and would aim to drive them off to create something new. With the help of Dr. Emily Ortal he would hack Mr. House and seize control of New Vegas and the Securitron Army (No Yes Man this time). After that, with the help of the Boomers, Khans and the following mentioned factions he would relieve the loosing NCR at Hoover Dam, Defeat Legion and then seize control of the Mojave. He would kick the NCR out of the Mojave and throw General Oliver off Hoover Dam.

Cass would have a much simpler arc, but no less interesting. She, after meeting the courier, would sell her franchise to Crimson Caravan and start investigating what happened to her outfit. She would realize it was the CC and the Van Graffs after being captured by Gloria to be killed. She would escape and tell the Gun Runners the plan to sabotage them. They would make a deal to strike back and seize the caravan/weapons market for themselves and supply the Courier's army. At the end, they would kill all the Crimson Caravan and Van Graffs just to realize they had made a deal to supply Caesar's Legion. Along the way she would have flashbacks of her family, including John Cassidy leaving them to join the Chosen One.

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Veronica would have a much more sentimental arc. She would meet the courier and ask him about how she should change the Brotherhood of Steel so they could survive. She would start a quest to show them they are obsolete and must open up or fade away. She would not convince them, so she would leave to join the Followers of the Apocalypse and have an affair with Dr. Usanagi. The Brotherhood would strike the Followers and kill everybody just to jail Veronica and she would start a rebellion with the younger ones in which she would win over and become Elder, but with major losses. In the end, she would join Arcade and the Courier to make a difference at Hoover Dam. She would have flashbacks of her and Christine at the Sierra Madre in which she would take the courier's role in Dead Money.

Arcade would have a Similar journey, he would assemble back the remaining Enclave forces and at the end, he would invite Veronica to make a truce between factions, in which they would dissolve and become a new faction called "The Old World Guard" that would join The Courier and The Marked Men at Hoover Dam. Arcade also would have flashbacks of the destruction of Navarro and how de NCR defeated the Enclave.

Boone would investigate Carla's kidnapping with the courier's help same as in game, and would kill Jeanie May. After that, he would follow on his own to kill Severus, Dead Sea and Cannyon Runner, the legionaries that took her that now would be centurions. He would help the NCR liberate their camps untill he reached Bitter Springs, where he would remember the Khan Massacre and lead the stand against Centurion Severus' strike and he would kill him. After that, he would be offered to kill Caesar by Colonel Moore and Chief Hanlon. He would accept it and lead a squad of rangers disguised as legionaries into the fort. They would sucessfully kill Caesar by stabbing him to Death, but then would be overrun by the fort's garrisons, just to be saved by the securitrons awaking underneath. After the Battle, he would find Ranger Ghost among the NCR forces being expelled from the Mojave and would fall in love with Her.

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Last but no least, Raul's arc would be a personal one, half of flashbacks of him after the Great War and half of him trying to find a purpose in his old age. He would be from Ensenada instead of Mexico City and his story with Rafaela (pretty much the same as in game) would develop in Tijuana, The Border and California. He would eventually meet Natalia, Ian, Tycho and Katja (The Vault Dweller and her party from OG Fallout). At the end, he would just join the Courier's Army and die at Hoover Dam.

Some changes I would make and stuff I would Add:

I would reduce the period of the Pre War from 1945-2077 to 1945-1967 so there wouldn't be any technological and social stagnation. The story would then take place arround 2167

Since the Great War occurred in the late 1960's, I would change the aesthetics a bit so they would look less 1950's Sci-Fi and more Cold War-Space age, combined with the Mad Max post-apocalyptic style and some hippie psychedellia.

The Courier Would Drive a Highwayman just like the one the Chosen One used to drive in F2

Old World Blues would be a Pre-War Sci-Fi movie seen by the Courier at the top of the Lucky 38

Instead of the cheesy football wear, the Legionaries would wear actual roman Loricae Segmentate made from scrap metal and pieces of combat armor

At the same time as Hoover Dam, Joshua Graham on a motorcycle would lead a "Holy Crusade" of New Caananites, Dead Horses and Sorrows to take back New Caanan from the Legion

The cast would be: (I know it's a lot to ask and would be hell expensive to hire all those people but since this stuff is never happening, I took the license)

Oscar Isaac as the Courier, Mackenzie Davis as Cass, Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Veronica, Ryan Gosling as Arcade, Aaron Paul as Boone, Demián Alcázar as ghoul Raúl, Jamie Foxx as Ulysses, Mads Mikkelsen as Barca (a new character being Ulysses' second in command, Ex-Legion Centurion, leader of the Marked Men), Sebastian Stan as Joshua Graham, Jonah Hill as Daniel, Mark Hamill as Elder McNamara, Johnatan Banks as Judah Kreger, Elon Musk voicing Mr. House (the guy likes Fallout, so he would most likely accept), Grimes voicing Jane, Jennifer Lawrence as Julie Farkas, Kelly Marie Tran as Dr. Usanagi, Emma Stone as Dr. Emily Ortal, Danai Gurira as Gloria Van Graff, Robin Wright as Alice McLafferty, James Franco as The King, Matthew Perry as Benny, Jeff Bridges as Chief Hanlon, Rhea Seehorn as Colonel Moore, Bryan Cranston as General Oliver, Robert DeNiro as Caesar, Keanu Reeves as Vulpes Inculta, Tom Hardy as Legate Lanius, Maurizio Iacono (The singer from Ex Deo and Kataklysm) as Centurion Aurelius, Jesse Plemons as Dead Sea, Jon Bernthal as Cannyon Runner, Giancarlo Esposito as Centurion Severus, Merryl Streep as Mother Pearl, Clive Standen as Papa Khan, Cara Delevigne as Ranger Ghost,

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Cameos/Flashback Characters: Harrison Ford as Father Elijah, Ellen Page as Christine, Ewan McGregor as Arcade's Father, Bob Odenkirk as Oliver Swanick, Milla Jovovich as the Vault Dweller, Jason Momoa as The Chosen One, Bruce Willis as John Cassidy, Diego Luna as young human Raúl, Christian Serrato as Rafaela, Danny Trejo as the leader of the bandits that killed Rafaela, Andy Serkis as The Master, Frank Horrigan and Lily

And would cast new blood and shitloads of extras for the remaining characters.

How would you run a Fallout Show or movie? What would you add about my version?

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