Something I Would Like To See In Fallout 5 (Just an idea I had in mind that I would like to share and get opinions on)

This is something I've written up after watching videos and reading up on some of the fallout lore while also discussing things with other fans, things that we want to bring back from previous games and things some other fans would like to see, like vehicles or some sort of transportation, actual evil options, and more.

I admit some of these are also my own ideas that I would like to see but some of these ideas are also inspired by previous games and fan suggestions like I mentioned before.


I would love to see fallout take place in a state where it snows and have it themed around winter survival, people trying to fight the winter cold, and unique monsters, making this like skyrim but in fallout.

I think the way vehicles can be added was if it's part of the story, not so much of racing and such but more like a portable shelter or something that can be modified and upgraded over time. The introduction of a vehicle can start with us build our first vehicle (which is a car) and we can upgrade it to add more armor, fuel, weapons mounted onto it, and perhaps even performance. There could be options of buying or perhaps building a bigger vehicle like an old army truck which can be restored as a portable home or it can be left as a truck and be used to make deliveries, for example, getting a side mission to deliver guns but it turns out to be an ambush so now you have to fight your way out and get the doors to open to get your vehicle back. There could also be an evil option where you work for some slave traders and your job is transporting them and you can eventually put a stop to it all or take over the operation.

I'm sure some of you are wondering "okay but what is the story?" Well the story could be our character escaping from being enslaved, maybe we're from a vault that is completely isolated from the outside world that the residents in the vault believe they're completely safe until the group of the main antagonist shows up to our vault and raids it, capturing us and the residents which they load us into the back of the ex-military trucks and was going to take us to their camp until something happens, perhaps one of the residents attack which causes us to get knocked out of the truck, or maybe the convoy gets ambushed and in the mix of it all we make a run for it. The game play begins when we first start running away from the antagonist group as they fire at us but in the mix we fall down the hill, tumble down and get knocked unconscious where we are left for dead. Then someone finds us and brings us back to his/her camp or settlement where they help us back to our feet (I have some more options at this point but I'll share it down at the bottom of the post). While we're there at this settlement it'll be like our tutorial spot where we get introduced to guns, how to fire them, etc. Similar to New Vegas, while at this place we get asked by a resident or the person who saved us on why we were out there and why are we in vault uniforms which is where we learn about our antagonist and now we're set on a rescue mission. The theme around this story can be about winter survival while also dealing with a war going on so now we're on an adventure fighting raiders, mutants, enemies of the main antagonist, while also meeting the main group fighting them like maybe the brotherhood of steel or something equivalent to the NCR in the area.

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Now this is the part I wanted to save for this section of the post

What if we get robotic enhancements again this time? Like maybe our character was found in pretty rough shape so in order to save us they had to use enhancements of robotic prosthetics which gives us extra points to our characters like more stamina, strength, resistance, and more buy it's also where we can customize our character, the game can start with us in the vault or waking up after being saved and throughout the game we regain memories of what happened, maybe even remember catching someone who sold out the vault? I hate to bring up cyberpunk but in a way it's sort of like that where you can get more upgrades, not exactly stuff like blades coming out of our arms, but more like increase of hacking or resistance to high caliber rounds and such, better vision in the dark, electric resistance, etc.

I'm sure it leaves the question of "who can and would do this?" And for that I was thinking that some of the synths or scientists/doctors from the institute migrated to our area and were helping people like soldiers and such to get the back on the field to fight. Why would they help? Well in fallout 4 synths would become sentient and would feel enslaved so now that they're in a area that is very familiar to their original home they want to prevent living in those dark times again so they fight back to keep them from enslaving people.

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With synths and ex-institute members helping people fight back they are more welcomed by the people here which is also causing conflict for the brotherhood of steel as they're against these practices but at the same time they can't ignore the reason behind it. When meeting the brotherhood of steel you can either be honest about your enhancements or lie about them but either way they will find out, you can reject what happened to you and convince them that you didn't accept these changes but "survival is survival and I'll do anything to stay in the fight" but if you're truthful from the start it'll be like "I rather be honest and say the truth than lie and break the trust later on." And either option plays a role later on in the brotherhood of steel story.

Of course I hope they keep custom guns, armor, weapons, and homes but I'm only speaking out on what I think might be interesting to see.

Things like vehicles can be used as weapons or tools, for example, you can use a winch to open or clear certain pathways for you to drive your vehicle through, unlocking secrets and pathways.

There can also be fuel system involved which would require refueling, especially in survival mode where you have to use you vehicle to fast travel but you're limited on how far to fast travel based on the amount of fuel in your tanks and inventory.

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I think it would be interesting to involve camping as well, perhaps your gear is kept on your vehicle for you to set up or to do some quick repairs while traveling.


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