Stories from Appalachia.(Short fanfiction)

Content of the article: "Stories from Appalachia.(Short fanfiction)"

October 22nd, 2077.

Somewhere in Appalachia….

Autumn leaves…..setting sun…..fresh mown grass.

"I'll trade you 30 pennies, a Nuka-cola and my brothers Mr. Handy action figure, for Mr. Fuzzy" said Sally the pudgy faced girl with the small upturned nose with her legs crossed under her, doing her best salesman impression of Old man Harry when he's trying to swindle some tourist at the Red Rocket.

"You know I only just got him Sally, he's a rare one from Camden Park, you know?" said the the young boy splayed out on his belly on his driveway surrounded by chalks drawings of Silver Shroud and Captain Cosmos.

"I know, I know" "I was at your birthday party remember?" Said Sally, scratching her chin all business like again a caricature of Old man Harry.

"SO, you'll have to make a better deal" "Your K.D Inkwell pen? Instead of your brother's Mr. Handy" Said The Boy.

"Oh not that, pleeeeease?" Said Sally, losing her well practiced impression "It's my favou……

"Graham!!" "It's time to come in!" Called The Boy's mother standing in the front door in a long light green dress, her favourite.

"Coming Mum!" Graham answered back.

"Darn" said Sally "Trade tomorrow?"

"Sure, meet me here when I get home" Said Graham

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"Promise?" Said Sally

"I promise" said Graham, crossing pinky fingers with Sally.

Graham leapt up and turning to run inside.

"Don't forget!"

"I won't" Graham yelled back almost to the door, waving goodbye.

"Did Dad say if we can stop for Hotdogs tomorrow?"

"As long as you don't slow his delivery to Huntersville, he didn't mind, sweetie" said Graham's mother slowly patting his head as they both stood together quietly, watching the last of the days sun dip below the Appalachian mountains…..

Thank you for anyone who read this far, I didn't have much schooling growing up so sorry if the writing is a bit disjointed or the formatting and stuff is incorrect.

I've really been diving deep back into Fallout and have fallen in love with FO76 and its setting and characters, and was 'Inspired' to write this little piece. See if you can figure which characters I might be referencing(Pretty easy I know).

Thank you.

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