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I just thought this was pretty funny today. So I FINALLY triggered the mission line where you hunt down the fraud Sheepsquatch. Now, I’m still newish (lvl 79) and I’m still learning a lot about the game. And I was not ready for how long this quest line was, but it was rather interesting. So listening to all the holotapes it NEVER dawned on me that I wasn’t actually hunting a real sheepsquatch…it never clicked to me the whole aura around the mission and that wild ass assaultron. Which leads me to my next……let’s just say ill prepared, ill advised and definitely unexpected encounter….triggering the “encrypted” event..

Sitting in a discord with my friend who’s a lvl 107, I hear something about a powerful robot coming…I assume just maybe a slightly more brolic assaultron than usual…so I nonchalantly mention to my friend “Hey I might need you to fast travel to me, just make it a bit easier to tank this thing.” Then, I noticed two players right by me, “oh shit look at that two guys just chillen over here wonder if they’ll stick around!” Then, 2 more players and now I’m like “okay…..wtf is about to happen here…” before I knew it I turned my head and no bullshit…about 20 something fucking anus pummeling Mr Gutsys spawn out of left fucking field. And shit just got so breath takingly fucked, quite literally in the blink of an eye, I just remember doing a whole lot of screaming and a metric fuck ton of dying…A long with the entire fucking server who all seemed to jump in this event like no other….and by god that fucking sheep head wearing, steroid injecting, predator looking ass assaultron….I had to make a doctors appointment in real life after that event that thing fucked me so many different ways I thought I was Rachel Starr. But it’s funny because there was lvl 500’s getting their nutsacks speed bagged just like I was. All in all…of all the fights I’ve done in this game thus far, that fucking thing takes the cake on the most brolic, ass eating, post apocalyptic menace in the wasteland..that thing would grab Earle by one of three necks and slam him around like the hulk did Loki…God bless

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