Struggling on FO4 on Very Hard

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I never really played any Fallout games until quarantine boredom started setting in. Coming off The Witcher 3 on the hardest difficulty I may have been a bit arrogant. I decided that, with no experience in any Fallout games that I wanted to play on Very Hard. I started and it was hard but doable. I struggled with aiming at the start because The Witcher doesn't really require aiming, but I beat the Concord Deathclaw and went to Diamond city. Any travel was hard, I couldn't win any fights, I could fight raiders, but usually lost, but ghouls kicked my ass. I spent 7 hours working on my sanctuary settlement and tried to start making money, but got stuck behind a level 14 wall. After working for a long time on weapons and trying to get enough ammo to beat Skinny Malone. I fought through and barely survived, but my supplies burnt fast. I gave Mama Murphy some Jet, so I didn't try to fight Skinny with 34 bullets. I thought I was invincible after beating that, so I tried to fight Kellogg. I couldn't get the first Synth to half health. I decided my weapons were the problem. So I decided to go to Vault 81 and level some. I got to Hole in the wall quest and now I'm stuck. By save scumming I've avoided the disease, but now I have to kill the BroodMother and I just don't do enough damage. Should I lower the difficulty, try chipping, or leave for now?

Tl;DR Everything is a sponge on Very Hard, can't afford enough bullets anymore.

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