Suggested New Years Resolutions for Bethesda and Fallout 76

Content of the article: "Suggested New Years Resolutions for Bethesda and Fallout 76"

  • Stop putting legendaries and event rewards up on the center of the screens of players. It interferes with actually playing the game, and you really want to provide the best gaming experience don't you? This is definitely not the way to do it. This has to be one of the most disruptive things I've ever seen in a game. Especially when you're bragging about providing an 'immersive experience'. Stop it immediately.

  • Listen more to the community and what they're telling you that they want, no one asked you for a foosball table, you could've spent that time building interior walls, ceiling tiles, large scorchbeast plushies, clutter tiles, clutter items, power armor stands, roof tiles, and other things that the community has actually been begging for you for during the last two years.

  • Put something different as a 'free' holiday item in the atom shop than what you offered people the previous year – it's makes you look really lazy. People who've played the game long term already got that emote, sign, camp item last year, how about recognizing that? You did with the Mountain Scout outfit, but nevertheless every holiday, it's the same free items in the Atom shop from last year that people who have been playing for a while already have.

  • Give us back our Atoms challenges after we finish the seasons, or at least give us atoms challenges after we've completed the seasons. Or at least something comparable, perk coins challenges, caps challenges, reputation challenges, or whatever. Just some worthwhile post-season reason to pick this game up and play it.

  • Listen more to the community!

  • Change the scrip limits permanently! Or just remove them, let us sell our legendaries whenever we've got something that we do not want.

  • Address the numerous crashing issues that players experience across platforms.

  • Do something interesting with Daily Ops for crying out loud.

  • Provide some interesting content for players.

  • Give players some new events!


I know I've forgotten some things, so feel free to add to this list as much as is necessary! Not sure what's going on with the bullet points. But, Bethesda surely you can work it out in PowerPoint.

(Edit: You need to make sure there's a space between your bullet(asterisk) and your text – the more you know!)

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