Suggested QOL Improvements – A list that nobody will read and will never happen… but I can dream

Content of the article: "Suggested QOL Improvements – A list that nobody will read and will never happen… but I can dream"

I know this subreddit is already full of suggestions that will never happen. Or just stupid suggestions that should never happen. Here are some of my QOL suggestions that I think would actually benefit the game in a big way.

  1. When you're in a Fallout 1st private world, all of your toon's camps on that account should be visible. That would make transferring items between characters safer and then Bathesda wouldn't have to listen to people (not that they do anyway but whatever) complaining about stash space all the time. We're already paying $12/month already. This seems like a pretty minor convenience item to me.
  2. An actual trade screen. Whoever made the current trade screen obviously didn't anticipate caps being obsolete with the current 30k cap limit and honestly I understand that. Caps have been pretty much useless for high tier items for a long time so I think a trade screen where you trade items, not just caps, is necessary at this point. I trade on trading subreddits and I can't help but be nervous when I'm trusting strangers on the internet. I don't think raising the cap limit is the solution, because everybody will just hit the new cap limit and we'll be in the same position, trading item-to-item because it's worth more than caps.
  3. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YOU PEOPLE NEED TO ABANDON THE IDEA OF A GRAND EXCHANGE. I've seen it posted here a lot, people want a place where they can post up all of their items in one spot and the people on that world or even other servers can purchase those items. I think this is a terrible idea. This is a post apocalyptic world, the bartering system is a perfect system. I would however support a "For Sale" board of sorts, where you can post one item you're trying to sell and people can either go to your camp and buy it from your vendor or message you and negotiate for it. The grand exchange idea is terrible because it will just lock in prices at 30k on a lot of items.
  4. This may be the biggest request… high level worlds. I know there's a big nerf coming in the next week that is meant to try to level the playing field. I think there just needs to be higher level worlds. My main is level 140 but I can 1-2 most of the non-boss enemies in the game. It would be nice to have a high level world (150+ or something) with higher base stats (75+?) on enemies in the world, higher level legendary enemies and a 50/50 chance for a 2-3* drop instead of the typical 30/30/30. Maybe…things are about to get wild… utilize those 4th and 5th stars that have been in the game since release but aren't used. I know this one will never happen since this would be a complete overhaul of the game but like I said in the title, I can dream.
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I love this game. I just think these ideas would encourage people to continue their collections without the risk of losing their precious items, safely trade high value items while simultaneously discouraging scamming, show their cool weapons/armor and sell it using their brand new trade screen, and give high level players with complete builds and too much firepower a challenge. Thanks for listening to my TED talk, I'm out.

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