Suggestion: Specific buffs from specific camp allies.

Camp allies should provide something more specific than a 3 hour rested buff and a bugged daily quest (for some).

I had some ideas that would make them more unique and special based on their backgrounds.

Raider Punk: "Information Network" – +1 Per and Int. +25% Exp to specific enemy type. This is selectable from a list after having the Raider Punk investigate the network.

Settler Wanderer: "Positive Affirmation" – +1 Cha and End. +25% Disease and Poison Resist after listening to her play you a tune and give you some encouragement.

Settler Forager ("Gramps"): "Pull My Finger" – +1 End and Int. Listen to a story from the author and get a +5% damage to a specific enemy type. Gramps gives you a random choice between three different stories (enemy types) a day.

The two allies that require a quest line give better benefits.

Beckett: "Legalize It" – +1 End, Agi, and Luck. Effects from alcohol and drugs last 3x longer than normal. Additionally, you can share a drink with Beckett to receive an extra bonus 5% exp to the Rested buff.

Commander Daguerre: "The Right Stuff" – +1 Str, Int, and Luck. Magazine and Bobblehead effects are doubled. Additionally, you can read a comic with Sofia to get an extra 5% exp to the Rested buff.

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Bonus Tamed animal: Essential ally (can't die, but can be temporarily downed like other allies). "Man's Best Friend" – +1 to random special (depending on animal) after petting your new friend.

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