Taking other people’s junk should give you a wanted level

It's bad enough that I need to even address this in the first place. TL;DR at the bottom.

So i lost all my junk. boo hoo right? Sure I can get it all back, no big deal. It's a matter of how I lost it that makes my blood boil. I was at my camp crafting some ammo, when I feel the urge to run to the bathroom suddenly. Usually I'd jump on the roof of my camp to stay out of danger, but as is the fallout way, I couldn't leave my bench, and I couldn't wait any longer. A couple people were shopping, so rather than be a dick, I left my game open to let them continue shopping thinking nothing of it.

Upon my return from the bathroom I find myself in a DBNO state, and getting mauled by ghouls while someone watches me die (Side note: the area in which these ghouls spawn is slightly out of the way, and will only attack if they are lured in, like maybe by the person watching me die). So now he's waddling away with my junk, overencumbered, and he plops down his Fallout 1st camp just outside of my camps radius and proceeds to his infinite scrap box. No way of me getting it back now, can't even attack or engage in combat, and when he's done putting all my things away he just emotes question marks like he had no clue what he did. Must be nice being a fallout 1st member.

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You might be wondering: "why don't you just put all your junk away?" Faschnacht is why. Still have a lot I want to sell, and because I'm not a fallout 1st member (nor will I ever be) inventory management is a painful necessity.

I get the appeal of Fallout 1st and I think it's a great idea if it's implemented the right way, you can have your private servers, exclusive gear and skins, and your portable camp, but Infinite Scrap Boxes should be universal, end of story.

TL;DR: Some people will take any and every opportunity to take your junk. If you have to leave for any reason, shut your game off.

Rant over. Thanks for reading, and I hope none of you have to experience this.

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