The Appalachia Rangers: ‘VICTORIA, ORDINIS, PROSPERA!’ – Fallout 76

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The Appalachia Rangers – 'Victoria Ordinis Prospera!'

The Rangers are here in Appalachia!

Long before the establishment of the NCR (New California Republic), a few select elite commandos resurfacing after the pre-war era have come together in the growing wealth of Appalachia!

After their reclamation of all the goods they could bare to carry after taking GREAT advantage of their unmatched skills compared to the lesser populace of the wastes; the newly appointed CHIEF RANGER ORDER began to gather a more localised force of these expert warriors to form what have now come to be known as the APPALACHIA RANGERS.

With a doctrine to restoring peace and order throughout the lands, they rid the scourge of the vile mutations that have afflicted Appalachia and press forward to holding the boarders against invading raiders and incriminating wanted personnel that attempt to disrupt this call back to civilisation.

'VICTORIA ORDINIS PROSPERA!' – Ignites the flames of their campaign across Appalachia, Victory, Order, Prosperity, the endgame of their authoritative stance across Appalachia and soon to be the rest of America!

These chivalrously deadly commandos have no hesitation in their hatred filled conquest to stomping out the anarchy, and hold a great respect and protective responsibility over those whom wish to help rebuild the Foundations of society once more. Settlers, traders, engineers are all wanted across Appalachia and readily welcomed… But the Rangers, they are needed, for without them America may have fallen for its last time…


The Appalachia Rangers Theme

A Rangers heart may be warmed by the Vertibirds siren of perfect symphony for when their comrades wade across Appalachia with their theme from above striking into the hearts of the anarchists that dare to oppose them.

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How To Become An Appalachian Ranger

First you are going to want to get into contact with the Rangers! Whilst you can find their Headquarters a minute walkaway South East from FOUNDATION, their radio signal is broadcast 24/7 with their own encoded message for those whom dare wish to amount to their boasting of combative prowess:

"Transmission 15-2097: I thought there'd be more gambling…" – Contact myself for details!

Once you have made contact with the Appalachia Rangers, you may be taken on as a Recruit, in which will follow two exams to see you seek passage towards becoming a RANGER.

ARPE – The Appalachia Ranger Physical Exam:

"So you want to join the Appalachia Rangers? Great! But right now you're nothing more than a disorganised mess of post-apocalyptic bloatflies! Here is how you can change that and ascend from being the claimed elite to the actual elite; starting your journey to becoming a Ranger of Appalachia!

We can only accept the BEST of the BEST so that is what we expect and dare so hard to put every one of our recruits through to achieve their Ranger status! The Rangers are being beyond the capabilities of normal humanity, we have survived the apocalyptic fires for a reason! We are the height of Order, of Strength, of Victory and Prosperity! Demonstrate it here today!"

ARWE – The Appalachia Ranger Written Exam:

"As you may think it has little purpose and necessity to keep such old-world beliefs that of papered documents; this part of the exam is in fact CRUCIAL to finding out if you truly have what it takes to become a Ranger, and are not some feral ghoul wack attached to a machine gun!

Your ability on paper will test your focus, needed intellect and distinguished history upon Appalachia and our beloved America burnt by the radioactive plague we now push to restore order to!"

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Once becoming a fully fledged RANGER of Appalachia, you will be opened up to a RANK PROGRESSION system, seeing you go from a Ranger to future promotions like Patrol Rangers, Radio Officers, even our most infamous Veteran Ranger detachments that, if they've done their job right, you've probably never heard of them! On top of that, you may also find yourself keen to enter any of our organised classes, favour the more stealthy and ranged approach? Become a Marksman Sniper! Raider skull demolishment in mind? Try out our power armour division in the HEAVY detachment, as well as many more to suit whatever class may suit you best within the Rangers! Utilise all you learn to complete the CUSTOM ASSIGNMENTS and HIGH VALUE TARGET events we have set for our Rangers to take back Appalachia!

Want to have a look around? Commune or need our Rangers for some assistance? Then we also accept any Wanderer that wants to enter our mix! Settlers, traders, simple wanderers, whatever you want to call yourselves, the Rangers will provide you with a safe sanctuary to traverse your America once more!


Anymore questions you have feel free to ask! The image used was found from Google Images, and its source sites did not appear to have any validated claim to its creation; if you know otherwise let me know of the artist and I shall gladly credit their work! The YouTube video is credited in itself, but I would like to say how much I love the take Blake Robinson made on the theme!

There is much more left for you to discover with the Rangers, and more much planned for its future! If you would like to join, then the link has been posted above!

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This is a newly created Community made solely by myself (bar the images and YouTube clip) and whilst ANYONE can join the open guild now, I am also looking for some keener and more experienced members that may want to help assist with the management of this guild, so I shall be taking applicants for anymore of a moderative position within the Appalachia Rangers!


Chief Ranger Order

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