The Biggest of Dick-moves

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Small backstory – I am not one who angers over a videogame easily, I see them as a way to relax, and I generally go with the flow. My Father, on the other hand, is the opposite. he misses 2 shots, and flips out. its kind of hilarious.

Ever since they fixed the PVP(where no dmg is done until both shot at each other) aspect of public servers, at least in my experience, the trolls are few and far between. I was helping my father run the final story mission "I am Become Death" to launch a nuke. He died during the last battle, so I was waiting for him to run back so he can complete his mission. As he ran back, a group of high levels ran in, blew past him, and even tho I tried to stop them in voice chat to explain why I hadn't launched it, they launched it anyway, stating "well he shouldn't have died."

We spent an hour clearing the Silo, only for 2 asshats to swoop in and take what was rightfully his. To my understanding, its common courtesy to not enter a silo when someone else is there. This is the first time that I am just as angry and my dad, and he is so pissed about it, the ammo lost, repairs to armor and power armor, that he legit quit out, and said he's done with FO76 for good. Luckily, I am a FO1st member, so I told him we will do it again once we restock on ammo on a private server, so it doesn't happen again, but we will see.

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This was the first instance where I missed the original way of PVP, because I would have annihilated them before they could have launched it, even with the reduced damage.

The Really Bad part? every other silo was empty and hadn't been launched yet. The worst part? They fired it at the Queen, not even at Earle.

Some people don't even realize the damage they do by being impatient assholes. /rant

Edit: I talked with my Pops this morning, He ain't quitting because of 2 asshats and we are gonna do it again. He greatly appreciates everyone's offer to speedrun us thru, but, in his words "That would be too easy!" Ya'll are the reason why we have the best community, even if the game doesn't live up to how great we are!

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