The current state of PvP in Fallout 76 (story)

I am making this post because PvP is slowly dying and there are not many voices being heard even though so many love this game and the PvP it has brought. I have been playing this game since it was released on Xbox One and have enjoyed it to the fullest even through it ups and downs with dupes, bugs, exploits and the sort. The big thing that stood out to me and kept me hooked was the pvp. I did my fare share of pve leveling and doing nukes but the pvp interactions i would have would always be a great time. I had high hopes of some kind of pvp mode being made into the game but never knew how they could do it. My wishes came true when Survival Mode was created. I was not sure what to expect but knew it was going to be a blast. The first few days of survival were complete chaos! People were everywhere! Whitespring station was a warzone that never ended and i couldn't of loved it more! This is what the wasteland would truly look like. Crews fighting each other over pieces of the map just for bragging rights or to grief their bases and send them corny messages. I met many friends during survival that i still talk to today even if were not on fallout. I have too many memories to count of long battles between squads all across the map. Stalking people at their workshop, sniping people with bloodied explosive weapons, sneaking around with maxed stealth and killing unaware players or setting up organized fights at the water park and others areas. Pvp went through some changes in 76 such as damage caps being set. First it was set at 190 damage per shot then at 110 which it is at currently. These changes would render many weapons useless like semi auto weapons, single shots like the dragon or black powder pistol were now inferior. I used semi automatic rifles up until this point. Weapons with high fire rate became the go-to due to the 110 damage cap per shot. This combined with the very common usages of stealthboys and nuka cola quantums would change the way the pvp game was played entirely. After an update they tweaked the damage even further in survival mode alone, making it nearly impossible to kill some players due to weapons not being able to beat the quantum or stimpak spamming. I personally was able to get over 100 kills on one life and had a friend accumulate over 400! Shortly after these changes were made Survival mode was removed completely. Nuclear Winter took its place during this time. Not being able to openly pvp anymore made the game more lackluster now that adventure mode was the only option. Nuclear Winter can be fun but its not the same as having a full map to openly fight on without restrictions. Fights in adventure mode are either set up and organized or you might can find some workshop pvp. The occasional fight can happen if you try and pick some fights with random players. The common current meta of pvp is a combination of using stealthboys, teslas and nuka cola quantums. Quantums can stack for maximum survivability when used efficiently. During a fight quantums can be used to become insanely hard to kill when used with a full set of appropriate armor and stacked with any and all combinations of damage resist/buff aid items and perk builds. Since all aid has been duped into the millions there is hardly an end to the madness. Teslas are required to counter stealthboys. It is nearly impossible to put out enough damage free aiming a stealthboy user using quantums with any weapon besides teslas or maybe an explosive laser weapon. In Survival mode there was a big risk due to a portion of your aid being dropped on death. Players using these builds were seldom in survival with all of their aid in fear of losing some. This made the pvp more about stealth rather than being a tank. Most of the players that i fought or played with in survival have long forgot this game and have moved to others. Many PvP groups have been created and some disbanded. The Beach Boys, Legion, Unbreakable, The Gunners, Team Rocket and many many more have made this game their PvP playground and i dont want to see it end anytime soon. The PvP needs a rework of some sort or a server like Survival or i fear it will die. With minimal players in the pvp scene very few have their voice heard and only players doing the normal grind of 76 are. We are here Bethesda! Dont forget about us! Any update that would bring more pvp to 76 would bring more people back to the game and make it thrive. We need a TRUE wasteland not this rated e game that adventure mode has become. Make PvP great again!

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