The game needs to embrace resistances and weaknesses to vary combat

Content of the article: "The game needs to embrace resistances and weaknesses to vary combat"

Right now the meta in the Fallout 76 is raw DPS . Players try to out-DPS the enemies and Bethesda in turn increases the DR and HP accordingly. The end result is you end up with bullet sponges like Earle and a meta that is entirely made up of a small group high DPS weapons and everything else is considered trash or only works on trash mobs.

With Wastelanders, they introduced new types of damages and resistances and did absolutely nothing with it, setting the fire, cold and acid resistance to be basically the same thing with all enemies. This was a huge missed opportunity. One of the staples of any RPG combat system is elemental resistances and weaknesses. Why they didn't utilize this when they reworked combat in One Wasteland is perplexing. Why not give robots high fire resist but fleshy creatures like wolves or scorched low fire resist? Or make things like ghouls susceptible to acid damage. The fire floaters could be weak to cryo and vice versa. Doing this would give people a chance to play around with different types of weapons and builds instead of just focusing their build on putting the most bullets possible into an enemy. It would also give the players who do chose niche builds to have situations where they can shine. And, if done right, it could make all these new types of grenades actually have a use.

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This would have made stuff like Daily Ops a whole lot better. What if resilient enemies were weaker to physical damage and had a resistance to ballistic weapons. Ranged weapons players hated resilient enemies because they simply coudn't kill the enemies while melee players who are in the minority enjoyed them. Making it so a good 2/3s of your players couldn't kill enemies at all was a bad decision, but making it so they have a type of enemy that they are at a disadvantage with, but could still kill would be better. Or if freezing enemies were weak to fire. This would mean the DPS players could still do their thing, but people might also add a flamer to their arsenal or a melee weapon.

This would be especially useful with all these new elemental weapons coming into the game like the War Glaive. There is literally no point to use any of the mods except plasma and maybe cryo because everything has super high acid and fire resist. Cryo just adds a slow-down effect and energy damage does vary a bit on enemies, so the plasma can be useful.

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