The greedy meta-player or How a level 17 owned a dozen high levels.

Content of the article: "The greedy meta-player or How a level 17 owned a dozen high levels."

First off, this is not a hate post nor do I condone hate and harassment. Please keep that in mind when replying.

There is hardly a day when we don't read these amazing stories about a helpful FO76 community, grown-up players, and overall just happiness under the rainbow. I myself have met some quite decent people in this game. I don't call them great or awesome, simply because I don't know any of them well enough. But when I run a Uranium Fever event and another player emotes at me when a legendary mole miner spawns, you know that this player is a decent dude.

Maybe it's just me but unfortunately, such moments are more the exception than the rule. I wonder why that is (I actually do). Today I've decided to run a little experiment. I put up an extra vending machine, slapped a FREE sticker on it, and filled it with some canned food, ammo, and common plans. To spice things up, I even added some rather shitty 1-3 star legendaries. Everything for 0 caps.

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In a perfect world, most players would check out the stuff, realize that it's meant for newbies, and leave it alone. To make a long story short, and since you probably can already guess how that worked out: It didn't.

The moment a player saw it was for free they immediately grabbed everything. I did 12 refills for the whole day and with the exception of one player, every single player immediately grabbed everything. Their level ranged from 185 up to 773.

The truly sad part was, that this level 773 guy just grabbed everything right before a level 17 showed up. There were just 2 minutes between the 2 visits and I just managed to refill it again. This level 17 player took some water, 3 cans, and 2 of the 5 plans in the vendor. He also made some emotes with which I guess he wanted to say thanks. Which was the first time in the whole day (and yes, I was standing next to the vendor each time).

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This player put to shame so many high-level / meta players and I would much rather play a whole day with this dude than 30 minutes with one of the others.

Thanks for reading and have a chill night.

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