The Highest Carry Weight in the Game?

I've been trying to figure out the maximum you can possibly carry in the game. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to increase it further.

Base Carry Weight: 155

Additional Carry Weight at 5*STR

Assuming you have Radicool, Solar Powered, and all Unyielding and +1 Strength armor, you should have a potential of +5, +3 (during the day), and +20 Strength. Let's also assume you've capped your Strength at 15. So, your current Strength should be 43. Wearing Treated Brotherhood Underarmor increases your Strength by 2, making your Strength 45. Assuming you have a Legendary Weapon effect for +1 Strength, your final consistent strength should be 46.

Consistent Strength Carry Weight: 155 + 230 = 385.

Taking the Charisma perk to make Alcohol three times as beneficial, Whiskey increases your Strength by 6, bringing your Strength to 52. Add in Psychobuff or Bufftats, and your strength should become 55. Eating Deathclaw Wellington increases your Strength by 3, so your potentially BOOSTED Strength is 58. So, your Carry Weight from Strength is 290.

Boosted Strength Carry Weight: 155 + 290 = 445.

Adding Deep Pocketed to all your armor pieces increases Carry Weight by 10 per armor piece, so with 5 pieces of armor, that's an additional 50 Carry Weight.

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Boosted Strength Deep Pocketed Carry Weight: 155 + 290 + 50 = 495.

Eating a Pepperoni Roll adds 30 to your Carry Weight, so our total becomes 525.

But can we boost it more? YOU BET WE CAN!

Taking the Strange In Numbers perk along with the Marsupial Mutation adds +25 carry weight, bringing us to a nice 550… but we can do better than that!

High Capacity Backpack mods increase your carry weight by 120! That's right, we're going BEYOND THE RIFT!

Boosted Strength Deep Pocketed PepperoniRoll High-Capacity-Backpack Carry Weight: 670… but can we do any better than that?

Of course we can.

Taking 5 ranks of Strong Back increases your Carry Weight by 40. Bringing our total to…

Boosted Strength Deep-Pocketed Pepperoni-Roll High-Capacity-Backpack Strongest-Back Carry Weight: 710.

Congratulations. You can potentially carry 89% of a STASH in your pockets. Keep your loot close, and your pillage closer.

I forgot about the Strength Bobblehead. So add in 2 to your Boosted Strength.

Final Carry Weight (with Fast Travel enabled) is 720.

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