The Institute really is the best chance for the commonwealth, despite their moral ambiguity.

Content of the article: "The Institute really is the best chance for the commonwealth, despite their moral ambiguity."

Are they morally ambiguous and regularly unethical with certain experiments, of course. Are they an overall net gain for humanity, absolutely. Unlike the Enclave the Institute aren't bloodthirsty to purge the wasteland of "lesser individuals", in fact they take in members from the wasteland who show promise(something the enclave or think tank would rarely if EVER do).

They stay hands off with the wasteland above ground, but can you really blame them? There are raiders addicted to psycho parading dead bodies around their encampments. Factions supposedly trying to help people IE the minutemen and brotherhood of steel collapse with their members turning to violent mercenary work and or becoming raiders(Ex minutemen of Libertalia/Quincy), or stay isolated while simultaneously imposing martial law on those around them and horde technology with an almost religious fervor(The Brotherhood of Steel). Barely even going to mention the railroad, because to say their priorities are whack would be an understatement, fighting for robot rights when humanity isn't even back on it's feet yet is mindnumbing.

So from the institute's point of view, why make an effort to contact and work with these "Savages" when you can conduct your research in peace until a time when you're able to truly expand into the wasteland. That being said they've done questionable things, such as kidnappings(however in the case of roger warwick, the replacement was an improvement.) in fact the most dangerous hidden synths above ground aren't even theirs, they're the synths such as the ones at libertalia that the Railroad wiped.

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Now the most damning thing towards the institute would be undeniably the FEV experiments, even in this case Brian Virgil requested father to shut down the experiments after a Decade of no useful discoveries. However we also know that super mutants have been in Boston for over a hundred year, due to the defense of diamond city by the minutemen in 2180. Assuming all super mutants in the Commonwealth came from the Institute's FEV experiments, they likely had useful discoveries until recently, hell they discovered a cure for FEV before Virgil sabotaged the Lab. Another piece of evidence to back up the institute working with FEV for over 100 years is the pre war architecture of the FEV lab compared to other divisions, meaning it could very likely be a hold over division from times past. Considering Father didn't see it prudent to restart the experiments once Virgil made his exit, which tells me that they weren't exactly enthusiastic about the program.

Now we could say that they have no potential to really help anyone and might just stay underground forever. The fact the Sole Survivor could be the director of the entire Institute can and would most likely completely change that, assuming the sole survivor isn't a monster which let's be honest canonically it's unlikely the sole survivor is a psychopath. Blowing up the institute actually pains me to see considering just how much knowledge is lost, without the institute it's likely the rest of the commonwealth will be eating irradiated mutfruits and farming brahmin for the next 50+ years while being guarded by the do gooder minutemen with their crank muskets or controlled by the martial law of the brotherhood(until they're done scrounging the area for tech and purging every ghoul/mutant they can find) because the railroad sure as hell isn't helping anyone but synths. Until inevitably a more numerous and powerful faction like the NCR or legion takes control of the area.

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