The Irony of Pagliarulo’s “Paper Airplanes”

Content of the article: "The Irony of Pagliarulo’s “Paper Airplanes”"

To remind you, lead designer and writer, speaking about the creation of Fallout 4 said that people are going to take the story you wrote and rip out the pages and make paper airplanes.

The irony is, there's no game where that's more true than Fallout 4 and its built into the design. Its like they pretty much wanted you to rip the pages out of the story and make those airplanes.

Most of you are familiar with the disconnect between the story and the gameplay. That we're supposed to be saving our son Shaun who was kidnapped and/or avenging our spouse but the game shoves on us hard to stop and play video games inside the video game, to build settlements, to settle settlements, to explore and loot and get involved in other adventures. Even the main story should you follow it gives you the run around and pushes you towards exploration when you should be laser focused on your rescue mission.

Previous Fallout games did a better job of avoiding this. Take the first game. You're sent out to find a water chip. You can go pretty much any direction, though you're given a direction you're recommended to try. Any direction is valid when you're looking for the chip. And the game keeps you somewhat focused on your task by setting a time limit.

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New Vegas is another good example. You're shot in the head, healed and learn that the guy who shot you went thataway with your package. Anything you decide to do is valid. Its just a package. Maybe you don't want to see the guy who shot you again so soon, maybe you think he's too dangerous. So you go do other stuff. Or maybe you're hopping mad and you decide "This guy has got to burn" either choice is valid. There are no paper airplanes in New Vegas.

So if Pagliarulo wants us not to make paper airplanes of his story, he just has to put some thought into how he designs that story and how it matches the gameplay.

Link to a comment where a spell out a vaguely outlined very rough example of how he could have avoided "paper airplanes" and had the players actions serve the story.

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