The Mechanist was almost right

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The flaw in the Mechanists plan to help the Commonwealth was their use of robobrains to control the robot groups. Presumably because the Mechanist has no friends, is a loner, or is otherwise unable to interact with people. Once the Soul Survivor has control of the Mechanists manufacturing facility this problem completely disappears, the Soul Survivor has LOTS of friends. Robots produced in this facility could then become a significant element in the pacification of the Commonwealth.

Instead of small groups of Minutemen patrolling the roads small groups of Minutemen with dozens of robots under their control. Diamond City guards could have lots of robot friends to help them guard the walls and the roads nearby. Settlement guard forces could be augmented by robots under their control. The Soul Survivor could lead packs of robots on search and destroy missions against hostiles, sentient and non-sentient, all over the Commonwealth. Preston would love that.

The BOS would probably not like the idea, so you might have to blow up the Prydwen. The Institute would have to be destroyed too I suppose. Against first and second generation synths the robots have a decisive advantage , they don't talk to themselves. These synths seem to be obsessed with loudly saying things like “My sensors must need re-calibrating” or “Is someone there”, thus making sure that everyone nearby knows that the synth is there.

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There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the idea of using robots to aid the citizens of the Commonwealth, the Mechanist just chose the worst possible command and control mechanism. Replace robobrains with humans and that problem disappears, and the balance of power in the Commonwealth shifts decisively in the favor of the settlers.

Fallout 4 shows a snapshot in time, what the Commonwealth is like when the Soul Survivor emerges from the vault and while they are working on their Victory Conditions. The long term implications of the Soul Survivors actions can be ignored. Elements that would drastically effect the future of the region can be introduced and only the short term benefits considered. The Soul Survivor taking control of the Mechanists factory, and using the Mechanists expertise to keep it operating, should be a drastic and decisive turning point in the history of the Commonwealth.

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