THE most pretentious video on fallout 3

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Im not sure many of you have seen this video but essentially it goes into detail about fallout 3 being all about looting and winning rewards and how that is representative of bethesda's insidious design to control gamers by constantly giving them rewards. His argument is basically that fallout 3 represents instant gratification and consumerism because of its supposed change in design choice from being an RPG to a looter shooter (which I and many others agree fallout 4 fits this category than 3 but whatever)

Now I dont think the video is wrong as it does make a dent in whats wrong with modern society. What strat edgy is essentially tapping into is the praxeological phenomenon of time preference. That being how patient one is in terms of postponing immediate gratification for future rewards, do you prefer to live in the present and enjoy now, high time preference, or do you save and do much more tedious but meaningful things that pay off for greater happiness, low time preference. As to what causes high time preference in society and turns us into blind consumerists is an entirely different socio-economic/political can of worms all you need to know is that this is essentially what strat edgy is saying is wrong with society, is that media is pushing us towards this way. What strat is suggesting here is that people who play fallout 3 have higher time preferences, basically that they only play it for the looting dungeon crawling and shooting.

Now what really pisses me off is that he suggests that this is a problem specific to fallout 3/4 and bethesda in general. But this isn't the case, far from it. You see ALL VIDEO GAMES are means of instant gratification and high time preference. You dont gain any more long term happiness just because you play new vegas instead of 3, you are probably just as much as an addict playing with and being obsessed with old school deep RPG'S as are other "casuals" who play other "lesser" games like fallout 3, because at the end of the day, its a fucking video game.

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This guy does point to a big issue in society but has the balls to suggest that this is moreso an issue with bethesda and their transformation of fallout rather than realizing video games themselves, and hell, ALL MEDIA IS BUILT ON INSTANT GRATIFICATION, be it fallout 1,2,3 new vegas, 4 or even 76 its all built for your short term pleasure, you dont gain any more long term happiness from playing fallout 2 over 3. Give me a fucking break.

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