The next Fallout should reintroduce skills

Content of the article: "The next Fallout should reintroduce skills"

However, they should update the system to be more akin to Skyrim. It makes sense for an RPG, your character does something amd they get better at it instead of leveling up and magically getting better at whatever you want even if you've never picked a lock or punched a face in your life.

This would also give leeway for more skill checks so instead of intelligence being tied to everything intelligence related, your character would need to actually be good at medicine to pass medicine skill and so on. Also with a Skyrim system you couldn't just dump you skill points into a skill when you know a check is coming up, you'd have to actually work for it.

I also think bringing back skills would make room for more interesting perks. Instead of there being 1 perk for every level of a SPECIAL (some of which being boring stuff like shoot rifles better) you could have more specialized perks relating to both SPECIAL and skill. Maybe with a strength of 8 and repair of 60 your character knows the ins and outs of a lock and has a good amount of strength to be able to kick open locked doors that are below very hard and are a regular wooden door but at the cost of alerting anyone who is in the room. Stuff like that. I also think basic ass perks should be relegated to perks you get over time like in New Vegas. So instead of having to upgrade rifles or sneak to be 20 percent more effective, just give it to me by doing it. Killed 30 things with a rifle? You are now 20% better with them. This way you get to have more of the fun unique perks and build a more specialized character.

EDIT: I know Skyrims system is not perfect. I think it should definitely be improved upon. However i think the general idea of get better at doing things by doing things is good and fits an RPG.

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I also do not think leveling uo skills should be tied to XP, XP from missions and enemies and other assorted things you tet xp from in fallout games should stay the same. This also ensures that you aren't just leveling up every skill to get as many perk points as possible.

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