The philosophy of the Railroad is critically flawed. (heavy spoilers.)

Content of the article: "The philosophy of the Railroad is critically flawed. (heavy spoilers.)"

(I made this thread a week ago but forgot Edna, which is probably the most compelling part of the argument; I hope you guys don't think badly of me for having remade it.)

The primary directive of the Railroad in FO4 is to free synths from the Institute's slavery. There is controversy within the Railroad as to whether only the Gen 3 synths should be freed, or also the Gen 1s that you typically shoot while running around the Commonwealth.

The thing I don't understand is: what about the ROBOTS?

When you enter the Diamond City school building, you get a heavy preview of the direction your interaction with Curie might take: the Miss Nanny assistant to Mr. Zwicky starts questioning you about love, and if you provide her with the right answer, you will cause her to marry Mr. Zwicky; by their interaction during the wedding at the Chapel of All Faiths, it's clear she loves him, and vice versa. That sounds pretty sentient to me! It is, of course, a prelude to Curie falling for the Sole Survivor, and many Fallout 4 fans think she's the best contender for romance with the Sole Survivor.

Marriage and love in marriage sound like a very significant indicator of sentience and free thought, possibly the most important indicators possible in a being. Unlike Curie, Miss Edna doesn't ever turn into a Synth. I just don't see a difference in worth as a person, but the Railroad seems to.

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More on Curie, she as a robot, remarks how her colleagues in Secret Vault 81 insisted that she have her own terminal, which she was not comfortable with because RobCo programmed her to not own any property. But, that's just the thing: she achieved a new state of consciousness once she became a Synth. But her personality — the vast majority of her — is still Curie.

There is also Codsworth, an unpaid robot butler who doesn't really seem to have any less a personality than Paladin Danse or Glory within the Railroad. He is a sentient, free-thinking being that has the capacity to care for a human child or even reject his former owner if he or she turns to evil. Shouldn't the Sole Survivor be judged by the Railroad to be a "slaver" for owning Codsworth and giving him nothing for his services? Shouldn't Codsworth's mind be judged as equal to a Synth's when he can make complex independent judgments as to morality and philosophy?

The difference between synths and robots in terms of AI doesn't seem to be there. But, synths are considered by the Railroad to be enslaved while the robots, to my best understanding, are still considered "property." This point is never fully addressed and I think is a giant hole in the Railroad's thinking.

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