The problem with Bethesda community managers and overall lack of communication. (Imgur link, video link)

Thank you for clicking into my post. Today I will be talking about how Bethesda continues to ignore valid player feedback from this sub, and how they only respond to positive messages.

I know the general consensus here is that everyone is very positive and friendly. Sometimes too friendly, to the point that genuine authentic criticism gets pushed to the wayside and people assume the user in question is just hateful, uneducated or talking out of their posterior. For lack of a better word 😉

Incase you weren't around, here are a couple of my posts that are about balancing, and player feedback that were widely upvoted with a Bethesda response, that in the end were ignored. With an additional video showcasing just how broken nuka colas are using the imposter sheepsquatch as an example. This is me in the clip.


I've been meaning to make a post but as I quit the game roughly 4 or 5 months ago, I haven't found the time to do so.

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But today something happened that really grinded my gears

As some of you may already know, the atom shop was bugged this AM resulting in a outfit (Enclave outfit I believe) not showing in the store for some players. In which a Bethesda community manager responded and said they will look into it, roughly 30 minutes later they followed up on the post saying that it has been fixed.

I comment a question "Why can't you guys fix other problems as quick as you fix the atom shop?" A reasonable question I'd like to think. Well I get ignored of course but, the Bethesda community manager makes a point to come back and thank a user for welcoming them back on the same thread.

Screenshot: https://imgur.com/gallery/dSnHHCC

Why is this an issue?

We have so many bugs, QOL issues and terribly and I mean TERRIBLY balanced weapons, armor and enemies. The community has pleaded and begged for fixes for over a year, in some cases since release. But not a word, every once in a while we'll get a "I'll report this to the team" Anytime someone (not only me) asks a question that is perceived as negative they are completely ignored.

Now the AMA they did recently.

I read all the questions and responses and was completely and utterly disappointed.

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Not once did they answer anyone's questions about balances, bugs since launch or QOL things they haven't addressed, not talking about the perk loadouts that are finally (almost) here that people have been asking for since launch (2 YEARS AGO) that modders built within a few weeks of release. All the answers seemed to be more interview questions about the team and where they're at personally.

We need clear communication as Bethesda had said they would give us. But unfortunately, anytime someone asks an actual important question they are ignored.

This game needs a balance update horribly, I know all the rifleman, guerilla, archer, gunslinger, shotgun and melee users can agree on. Notice how I just named nearly every type of build? Yes, that's the state the game is in.

I will conclude the post with this.

We need clear communication, we need a balance update, we need QOL updates, we need bug fixes, we need the employees at Bethesda to acknowledge that these things are in dire need of being fixed. We need them to focus less on the atom shop and more on fixing the game and creating a enjoyable player experience for all across the board.

I will like usual not be responding to any comments and leave this up as a discussion thread. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and may Todd have mercy on our souls. Br-ahmen

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