The Problem With Soft Capping Scrip and Gold Bullion

Content of the article: "The Problem With Soft Capping Scrip and Gold Bullion"

So there are two huge elephants in the room with this game, while these systems are great and a fun and engaging way of keeping players from playing the game, it is broken.

Legendary Scrip
The problem I have with Legendary Scrip is that I personally feel like the player gets swamped by too many legendaries that they would never use, only to be stashed to sell in their vendors or exchanged for Scrip. I feel like the daily limit and the Scrip cap should be greatly increased. I currently have 800lbs of my stash taken up by mostly junk that I intend to exchange (I know it is the hoarder in me not liking to let go) so I feel like 3 stars should be exchanged for less slightly less Scrip.

  • Increase the daily exchange to 350 Scrip
  • Increase the Scrip cap to 200
  • Decrease how much Scrip you get from 3 Star Legendaries slightly

Doing this would personally make the system a lot nicer and reduce the amount of daily struggle.

Gold Bullion
Gold Bullion suffers a simalar issue, while I do not personally have an issue with the 5000 Gold Bullion cap, 200 a day feels awful, especially considering players have hundreds, even thousands ofd Treasury Notes that cannot be spent, the 200 cap should be completely removed in my opinion. To ballance that out Treasury Notes should be slightly harder to get.

  • Remove the 200 daily exchange entirely
  • Reduce the number of Treasury Notes gotten from events to reduce breaking system
  • Add more things to the the Settler, Raider and Secret Service Gold Bullion stores to give the currency more of a purpose
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I feel like if Gold Bullion were reworked to be like this it would be a lot more enjoyable.

This is just my two cents on the issue, I know the idea of having these currencies slightly harder to get might not be appealing, the fact that even with a slight nerf to them it still would not be hard to get, and with the QoL changes it would make it feel less like a grind and more like a fun side task to do. Would love to hear what everyone else has to say on the system.

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