The quickest way to “redeem” the series is by remaking the original Fallouts

Content of the article: "The quickest way to “redeem” the series is by remaking the original Fallouts"

This is not the first time I say this. Many of us would argue that Fallout has been going downhill for about a decade now. Fallout 4 was heavily criticized and a point of controversy for the community, and the release of 76 was an all-time low. I myself have mixed feelings regarding the former, and even though I didn't dislike the latter as most of you, it still is mediocre at best. Furthermore, with Bethesda working on Starfield, then the next Elder Scrolls, and the continuous work they have to put on 76, I don't think we're seeing a new Fallout game in years.

Which brings me to my point. Notice I said new. But what about remaking an already existing game using current technology and means? I get that doing it is far from easy, even if the story is already written, but there's already a plot, an engine, and a market for it. I'd even take it if they focused more on Fallout 2 and release the remake of 1 as a prequel.

There are huge maps in both games with few locations and quests, so maybe they'd need to find a way to work around that. I thought about adding settlements, like in Fallout 4, with radiant quests, and then a bunch of random encounters and a few ruins to explore. They could add survival mechanics regarding basic needs (which have been there since NV) and meteorological conditions (like sandstorms or acid rain, kinda like Stalker). Apart from that, all that'd be left to do is voice the NPCs and maybe add a music radio station, so that there'd be one at least.

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Imagine it. By remaking the OG Fallouts in the current engine you have the best of every world; the story of Fallout 1 and 2, the unforgiving and desolate atmosphere of 3, the choice-and-consequence and reputation of NV, and the customization and settlement building of 4 and 76. Then again, I'm aware it wouldn't be easy nor cheap, and that it most likely won't happen, but imagination is free I suppose.

Any thoughts? Does anyone else want to see the originals remade? Or maybe re-released with other, minor improvements?

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