The respawn bug left me lootless after I carried a team of low levels through most of colossal problem.

Content of the article: "The respawn bug left me lootless after I carried a team of low levels through most of colossal problem."

So I've been helping this kid out for a few months now teaching him how to farm mats, modding guns, giving perk advise. He's been working on a full health shotgun build and struggling to really get it down being his first big complicated rpg game… today he shoots me a party invite and quickly asks me if he can invite a friend. I say sure and he surprises me by telling me it's a girl he likes. Soon a lvl 22 joins our team and they start chatting on about middle school stuff lol. She asks him to help with the new quest and he of course volunteers our help.

I go to the silo and start prepping the launch while he gets her suited for battle. While I'm in there a few more of their friends join. Kinda nice to see kids coming together I let them chatter away while keeping to the task at hand. Nukes ready and they all get really excited… there's about 6 of them now all below lvl 75 except my friend who proudly hit 100 last week.

We all go in the mine the fight doesn't go well… I didn't bring enough stimpacks and ran out of ammo for my BE flamer. He's steadily going down though as I chip away his health using other weapons. The kids are all screaming as my friend gives them orders as though he is leading a platoon. All fun and games everyone having a good time while I carry them through the event then something horrible happens… I go down and see the dreaded respawn text. I've failed them all I can do is watch as Earl will undoubtedly rip them to pieces.

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To my surprise though the group doesn't give up. My friend tells his allies to focus on the adds and keep him alive. The beast had about 20% life left and they keep chipping away at it fighting the timer. Against all odds they emerge victorious and the guy I've been mentoring leads his friends and his terrified crush out of the mine. As they all cheered and bragged about their new loot I quietly logged off feeling like a fallen npc guide that helped a kid get that epic win we all love so much.

This will remain one of my favorite video game moments for years to come and I just wanted to share it with you guys.

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