The Solution to Todd’s Terminal Mystery

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This is a sort of continuation of my Previous Thread (click on link) where I tried to prove Deacon is Shaun, not Father. I think that the two theories, while similar, are kind of separate from each other, so I wanted to make separate threads. So if my previous theory is true, then I think I might have found the elusive easter egg no one has found yet. The key to figuring out Deacon is your son and what I'm about to propose is in the PAM Mainframe Terminal. The one entry from Wyatt that mentions who lead the Railroad prior to him: Agamemnon. What I propose is this: Fallout 4 is a retelling of The Iliad from the perspective of Briseis. The Doc explaining everything is down below. Feel free to discuss how stupid or how legitimate this theory may be, I'm just glad to be sharing these people.=

DOCUMENT PROVING MY POINT (click on this link for the google doc explanation)


Deacon is Shaun (Achilles), and he is fighting with Father (Agamemnon). The Trojan War in this case is the Institute/the Railroad (Greek Army) vs the Brotherhood of Steel (Trojan Army). The war, just like in The Iliad, is just the background and setting for the true story. The real conflict of the story is between two men, Deacon (Achilles) and Father (Agamemnon). And it’s all for one person, the Female SS (Brieseis), the heart of the story. And just like in The Iliad, there is no other reason for the SS (Briseis) to be the heart of the story other than two men’s wishes and egos. The Railroad Ending is the canonical one, as this would fall in line with Agamemnon ultimately losing the conflict to Achilles, finally giving him Briseis. Deacon planned it all from the beginning.

Fallout 4 is a retelling of The Iliad from the perspective of Briseis.

Todd, you really outdid yourself this time.

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