The Top 10 Most Powerful Factions in the Fallout Universe.

The following list will take into account not only the raw military power of these factions, but also their political influence, technological prowess, territorial control and popular support, as well. Non-canon factions will also be included in the list and all factions will be at their absolute peak potential strength. And now, without further ado, here's the top 10 most powerful factions in the entirety of the post-apocalyptic world:

10: The Free Economic Zone of New Vegas (Mr. House).

Under the iron-fisted rule of its self-proclaimed sole proprietor, President and C.E.O. Robert Edwin House, the Free Economic Zone of New Vegas (or simply the New Vegas Strip) is a more-or-less stable community that is massively well-protected by an army of hundreds of highly-advanced Securitrons packing 9mm SMGs for riot-control and close-quarters combat, Gatling Lasers for medium-range engagements, rapid-fire 25mm Grenade Launchers for neutralizing packs of enemies at close range, Missile Launchers for long-range engagements, titanium alloy housing that's highly-resistant to small arms fire and shrapnel and highly-sophisticated self-repair units (compliments of the Platinum Chip and the Mark.II Operating Software).

Which is really about all Mr. House has going for him. Don't get me wrong, the Securitron Army is indeed an incredibly powerful force that is most certainly capable of defeating most threats to the New Vegas Strip. The problem, however, is that several hundred Mk.II Securitrons at best simply wouldn't be anywhere near enough to deal with any organized adversaries that have decent technology and numbers. The above factions are most definitely more than a match for the Securitron Army and can very easily crush House's fledgling community without any serious trouble. Which is exactly why he's dead last.

  1. The Unity.

A powerful army of Super Mutants that was established by the immensely powerful unique Super Mutant known as The Master, the Unity is an incredibly strong entity that once posed an existential threat to the entire human race at the absolute zenith of their power. Having exclusive access to all manner of high-end top-notch weapons (i.e. 5.56 x .45mm NATO Light Machine Guns, 5mm Miniguns and Heavy Incinerators) and having genetically modified super soldiers with hardened flesh and bone that could easily provide superb protection against gunfire, blunt trauma and cuts as well as highly enhanced degrees of speed, strength, stamina, endurance and intelligence (though most Unity soldiers were admittedly idiots), the Unity is indeed a force to be reckoned with.

However, the Unity was only such a threat back in Fallout 1 due to the lack of civilization and any form of organized entity that could effectively challenge it. With only several dozen troops at best at its disposal even at the absolute height of their reign of terror, any of the above factions could very easily defeat them. Which is why they are so low on the list.

  1. The West Coast Chapters of the Brotherhood of Steel under High Elder Rhombus.

Under the wise guidance and brilliant leadership of High Elder Rhombus, the West Coast Chapters of the Brotherhood of Steel easily enjoyed a golden age without question. They enjoyed vast amounts of influence, played an immensely invaluable role in both the pacification of the West Coast and the rise of the NCR and were most certainly irreplaceable components to the rejuvenation of civilization in the Wastelands as a whole.

Combined with the fact that they also had several hundred troops that were fully-equipped with only the latest in firepower (having virtually unlimited access to all manner of highly-sophisticated state-of-the-art Energy Weapons) and protection (ranging from highly-superb Recon Armor for Knights to state-of-the-art T-51b Power Armor for Paladins), the West Coast Chapters of the Brotherhood of Steel are without a doubt one of the powerful factions in Fallout history. Of course, history also tells us that this ultimately wasn't anywhere near enough to save them. The NCR-Brotherhood War perfectly demonstrated this by seeing them brought to the brink of total extinction by the NCR. Meaning that any of the above factions can also defeat them, as well.

  1. The Midwestern Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel.

An immensely powerful faction with bunkers, towns, settlements and communities spanning from Chicago to Denver, the Midwestern Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel has most certainly more than earned its spot on this list. Fielding a magnificently strong force that consists of Super Mutants, Sentient Deathclaws, Ghouls and even the robotic soldiers of the Calculator's Army alongside normal Humans, the Midwestern Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel could easily field an army of several hundred warriors.

Combined with the fact that its army is also very well-equipped with all manner of high-end conventional firearms, high-grade explosives, state-of-the-art Energy Weapons and their own unique variants of highly-protective Power Armor as well as at least 1 WWII-era M-4 Sherman Medium Battle Tank and a small fleet of Armored Personnel Carriers, Humvees and light scout vehicles, the Midwestern Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel is indeed a force to be reckoned with. However, its relatively small size in addition to the fact that the above factions have their own technological advantages that could all but offset its own technologies means that it sits at lucky number 7.

  1. The Eastern Division (Fallout 4).

Since the rise of Arthur Maxson as Supreme Commander of the Brotherhood of Steel, the once weak and feeble moribund handful of nobodies formally known as Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel has evolved to become what is easily not only the most powerful part of the ENTIRE Brotherhood of Steel, but also the absolute most dominant force on the whole of the Eastern Seaboard now known as the Eastern Division.

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With an entire armada of VB-01 Vertibirds that are outfitted with light armor and armed with front-mounted Machine Gun pods as well as door-mounted 5mm Miniguns, a massive 40,000-ton airship known as the Prydwen that enables power projection across the entire Eastern Seaboard, an army of hundreds of well-trained, well-equipped, highly-experienced professional soldiers that are exclusively equipped with all manner of high-quality conventional firearms, state-of-the-art Energy Weapons and highly-sophisticated Power Armor (all Brotherhood combat troops are fully-equipped with standard-issued T-60 Power Armor and just about any Energy Weapon imaginable, for instance) and (best of all) the means to MANUFACTURE all of its VB-01 Vertibirds, weapons and Power Armor, the Eastern Division is easily and without a doubt more than worthy of its position on this list.

And now for the creme de la resistance: Liberty Prime Mk.II, a giant laser-shooting nuke-tossing nigh-invincible combat robot that's been kicking Communist ass and dishing out freedom and democracy since 2277. A war machine that's more than proven itself capable of absolutely massacring even the likes of the Enclave with relative ease in battle many times over and has also proven to be all but impossible to destroy absent nuclear weapons or overwhelming conventional firepower in the form of the Bradley-Hercules Orbital Strike Array. Alas, as with the other factions beneath them, their utter lack of numbers ultimately screws them over in the long run. As does the fact that the above factions have plenty of advanced technologies of their own to even the odds.

  1. The Boomers.

A highly xenophobic, massively isolationist yet highly-advanced culture wielding spectacular amounts of firepower, the Boomers are indeed a force to be reckoned with. Despite being massively outnumbered by the world outside the walls of the Nellis homeland, they've more than offset their numerical disadvantage with overwhelming firepower in the form of multiple Pre-War howitzers with ranges that easily span across much of the Mojave Wasteland and enough firepower to utterly obliterate ANYTHING (including Brotherhood Paladins clad in T-51b Power Armor) that they strike in addition to a Pre-War WWII-era B-29 Superfortress Strategic Bomber that grants the Boomers the power to strike ANYWHERE across all of the Wastes with enough firepower to devastate ENTIRE ARMIES in relative in-flight safety.

To further bolster their already-impregnable defensive perimeter of artillery and bombs, the Boomers also have exclusive access to all manner of high-end, high-grade explosives (ranging from 40mm Grenade Rifles, 25mm Grenade Launchers and 25mm Grenade Machine Guns to Missile Launchers and Fat Man Tactical Nuke Launchers) that are STANDARD-ISSUED across all of their members in addition to state-of-the-art conventional firearms (i.e. 5.56 x .45mm Marksman Carbines and 5mm Assault Carbines) and combat robots ranging from Mister Gutsy combat robots to Sentry Bots.

Everyone from children all the way up to the elderly are constantly trained and conditioned in order to become proper soldiers that can preserve the Nellis homeland not to mention that everybody also receives a full highly-advanced education, as well. The Nellis homeland is also entirely self-sufficient, with its very own agricultural centers, its own highly-sophisticated infrastructure, its own solar panel array for both electricity and 100% energy independence, fresh water that's drawn straight from Lake Mead and even their own industrial capacity which enables them to manufacture all of their own weapons and munitions. Therefore, they've more than earned their spot in the Top 5, accordingly.

  1. The Enclave (Fallout 3).

Formed from the few survivors of the wrath of the Chosen One as well as the destruction of Control Station E.N.C.L.A.V.E., the Fallout 3 Enclave has still proven to be incredibly powerful and extremely deadly in its own right despite its humble origins. Despite its severe deficiency in numbers (only having at best a couple hundred troops at its disposal), the Fallout 3 Enclave more than compensates for it with an armada of HUNDREDS of VB-02 Vertibirds that are outfitted with heavy armor and armed with Gatling Lasers, Missile Launcher racks and Mini Nuke Launchers, an army of all manner of combat robots, their human forces being fully-equipped with all manner of highly-sophisticated state-of-the-art Energy Weapons and top-notch Power Armor (the Mk.II Advanced Power Armor and the Hellfire Power Armor, both of which are leagues more advanced than the previous Mk.I Advanced Power Armor, which was strong enough to shrug off anything less than a direct hit from a PLASMA CASTER) and the means to MASS-PRODUCE all of the above.

There's also yet another technological marvel that also grants the Fallout 3 Enclave an immense edge over all of the other factions beneath it: the Bradley-Hercules Orbital Strike Array, a weapon with enough conventional firepower to effortlessly obliterate even the likes of Liberty Prime without even the slightest effort. Operating out of their strongholds within the confines of Raven's Rock, Adams Air Force Base and the Enclave Mobile Base Crawler under the dual leadership of President John Henry Eden and Colonel August Autumn, the Fallout 3 Enclave is truly an entity that's not to be trifled with.

However, their strengths are also offset by their weaknesses. Those weaknesses being lack of numbers (combat robots are absolutely vital to their ranks as a direct result of this) and lack of any unified command (it's no secret that President Eden and Colonel Autumn are so divided in their methods of leadership that the Fallout 3 Enclave literally erupts into full-blown civil war, but I digress). Weaknesses that ultimately serve to handicap their potential and land them at #4 on the list.

  1. The New California Republic.
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An immensely colossal nation with an enormously gargantuan population of MILLIONS of citizens (2.5 million, by my estimates) and vastly huge territory and influence that spans across all of California, all of Oregon, all of the Baja Peninsula, all of Nevada and even as far East as Utah and Arizona (Bullhead City and all of its surrounding areas, to be more specific), the New California Republic is easily and without a single doubt the absolute largest, most powerful, most dominant, most influential, wealthiest entity in the entirety of the post-apocalyptic world, today.

A nation that also just happens to be in possession of the absolute largest, most powerful, most dominant military force in all of the Wastes what with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of troops (150,000 in active service, 350,000 in reserve, by my estimates), an insanely colossal amount of firepower (all soldiers within the Republic military have exclusive access to and are fully-equipped with all manner of high-end top-notch conventional firearms, high-grade explosives and even highly-sophisticated state-of-the-art Energy Weapons in the case of elite forces) and a superbly titanic technological edge (the Republic military also just happens to be in possession of a fleet of several dozen VB-02 Vertibirds that are outfitted with heavy armor and heavily-armed to the teeth with Gatling Lasers, Missile Launcher racks and Mini Nuke Launchers, sophisticated computer software that assists with the command, control, coordination, communications and evaluation of Republic forces, satellite/radio communications that can offer real-time coordination of Republic military operations, Global Positioning System satellites, an entire mechanized division consisting of Jeeps and trucks for logistics in addition to even several salvaged Combat Armored Personnel Carriers and tanks, quite a few salvaged AA Guns as well as even a few Fixed-Wing Aircraft (though it isn't known if they're operational, yet)).

The NCR Armed Forces have proven to be extremely powerful, immensely dangerous adversaries to even the most technologically-advanced of factions due to its overwhelmingly insurmountable edge in manpower as well as the ludicrously insane degrees of firepower and the superbly innate technological sophistication of their forces. More than proving this by crushing the West Coast Chapters of the Brotherhood of Steel and driving them to the brink of extinction during the NCR-Brotherhood War, smashing the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel in the glorious triumph that was Operation: Sunburst (the Battle of HELIOS One) and finishing off the shattered survivors of the Enclave during the Sacking of Navarro. With such magnificently indomitable military might at their disposal, the NCR is quite frankly all but impossible to defeat entirely in a total war by all but 2 factions (more on them, soon).

Of course, the NCR's immense power and influence don't just stem from military might alone. The NCR also just happens to be in possession of the absolute largest, most dominant, most powerful economy in all of the Wastes, vastly infinite wealth that effectively makes the NCR the absolute most indomitable, most powerful, most influential financial superpower in existence, the absolute finest, most sophisticated, most state-of-the-art, most cutting-edge, most highly-advanced healthcare in the entirety of the post-apocalyptic world (the annexation of Vault City alone granted the NCR virtually unlimited access to organ cloning technology, performance enhancement implant technology, armor grafting technology and Auto-Doc technology amongst innumerable other highly-advanced medical technologies not to mention the ability to mass-produce the aforementioned technologies along with stims, superstims, Rad-X, RadAway and other modern medicines, as well), the absolute finest, greatest, most grand, most sophisticated infrastructure in the whole of the Wastelands (the NCR is absolutely bursting at the seams with forts, military bases, military outposts, schools, hospitals, roads, railroads, factories, weapons foundries, etc. etc.), a monstrously mammoth industrial/manufacturing capacity that makes it the single greatest industrial superpower on Earth and an enormously titanic agricultural output that easily places the NCR as the agronomical powerhouse of the post-apocalyptic world.

Either way, the NCR is more than worthy of its position on the list.

  1. The Enclave (Fallout 2).

An enormously powerful organization of titanic strength and influence that claims to be the rightful masters of Post-War America, the original Enclave has virtually no equal. Despite its relatively small size as an entity, the Enclave has a vast wealth of technological secrets and innovations that more than makes up for its size. In command of a relatively large army of extremely well-trained, well-conditioned, well-equipped, highly-experienced professional warriors that is exclusively massively armed to the teeth with all manner of high-end conventional firearms, high-grade explosives and state-of-the-art Energy Weapons as well as the dreaded Mk.I Advanced Power Armor (all of which is STANDARD-ISSUED), a vastly endless armada of VB-02 Vertibirds and the means to MASS-PRODUCE all of the above, the Enclave truly has no rival.

Of course, the Enclave has a Royal Flush in the form of 3 completely insurmountable advantages. The first being Frank Horrigan, a unique Super Mutant warrior of the Enclave who's easily and without a single doubt the absolute greatest warrior in the history of the post-apocalyptic world. His genetic mutations caused by exposure to F.E.V. being further augmented with both Enclave genetic modifications and his encasement into a special suit of Power Armor that constantly injects Stims, Superstims and chems into his bloodstream, has built-in energy blades and Plasma Cannons and is all but impervious to only the absolute most powerful of Energy Weapons, Frank Horrigan is a truly unstoppable force of nature that can literally laugh off multiple direct hits from a PLASMA CASTER without breaking a sweat and tear Deathclaws apart with nothing but his BARE HANDS. Such a God-like asset surely grants the Enclave an immense edge over its opponents.

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Their second advantage is in the form of the nuclear missile silos of the Divide. As the nuclear football that ultimately caused the Divide Incident came from Navarro, it can be safely assumed that the Enclave was in possession of it before the events of Fallout 2. Meaning that such weapons of apocalyptic power can indeed be used by the Enclave anytime that it deems it necessary to do so. The third and final advantage of the Enclave lies within F.E.V. Curling-13. A heavily-modified biochemical weapon of mass destruction with the power to exterminate ALL IRRADIATED LIFE ON EARTH (anybody that isn't in the Enclave or a Vault Dweller dies instantaneously). When combined, all 3 advantages go on to make the Enclave completely invincible. Under the single unified command of President Dick Richardson, the Enclave has no challenger or equal that can survive against it. All but one……….

  1. The Think Tank.

"In the decades following the Battle of Hoover Dam, the Big Empty remained a desolate stretch of wasteland, where few travelers dared venture.

{Curious, this is odd…}In time, however, a strange blue field began to grow, slowly spreading across the Big Empty.

Lightning-blue fields of force danced on the horizon, like electrical storms.

People whispered of "floating spheres," flickering like a rainbow of torches in the desert like Old World wisps.

{Cold, curiosity changes to doom}Then communities began to vanish.

Goodsprings was crushed beneath bizarre hexcrete blocks that stacked to the sky. The inhabitants of Primm winked out, flesh-fried into X-ray silhouettes, their arms raised in surrender.

A satellite fell on Jacobstown, beaming a kaleidoscope of bright blue equations into the deranged Nightkin minds, driving some berserk, paralyzing others.

Black Mountain Radio began broadcasting a strange staccato static as hordes of giant man-eating battle brahmin began to swarm from its peak.

Camp Searchlight became a garden of giant carnivorous plants, and the Colorado river… "shrugged" one day, drowning several communities as its contours adjusted themselves.

The Gomorrah became home to a particularly virulent vegetation-based STD that grew like a fungus within victim's genitalia until their bodies burst open like pods.

The Legion East were systematically brain-scrubbed and rebuilt so that all the inhabitants believed they were in ancient Rome… on the moon.

…and the human cattle of NCR were re-educated into believing they existed in perpetuity in a nation-wide version of someplace called "Tranquility Lane."

In the end, no one was sure who had cracked the Dome of the Big Empty, although it was clear someone had been playing with forces they did not understand.

Throughout all this, the Think Tank was industrious, confident these experiments were all for the best, the results of the data they obtained – incredible.

They marveled that {emph}all of this had been waiting for them to come along and experiment since the war.

{Knowingly}Humanity certainly was persistent, no matter what experiments, nuclear holocaust or otherwise, it inflicted on itself."

This cut ending for the Old World Blues DLC speaks for itself. The Think Tank is the absolute most powerful faction in all of the Fallout Universe. And that's a wrap. A penny for your thoughts?

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