The Unstoppables, a suggestion for a “hero” faction

So, Building on AngryTurtles proposal video for a superhero faction in the world of FO76.


As per AngryTurtle, Bethesda has my full permission if they deemed it to use anything I just wrote… Seriously just want more content.

Story Stuff:

Begin as he stated with a call to return to the Mansion, as Cryptos is activated and calls them back via their Pipboy. (This is for anyone who has completed ANY of the quests for the Mansion, or to widen the player pool, anyone who has found a Tattered Dress)

Frederick Rivers has returned, and calls back the Survivors who took his training, and found his wife and daughter's bodies. He still believes that the path of a Superhero is needed in these extraordinary times. As such he takes on the role of the Silver Shroud, using Kent Connolly's design ideas as well as his own genius.

"The Order of Mysteries is dead, it died with my wife, but heroes are needed, and these extraordinary times call for extraordinary heroes… I have called you all here to begin the impossible, to bring together those heroes of appalachia into a new team of Unstoppables. "

Jarvey Blake is a new character (referenced as the Silver Shroud's butler previously), who is the longtime friend of the family and butler for the manse, since the mansion is an instanced area, he can take in donations of materials to fix the mansion up, to the individual player's desire, and budget, with large projects such as a revamped training room, (perhaps with the ability to spawn legendries 1/day), and player rooms themed according to the player's desire. Common areas could be instanced as per the Shelters system as well. (Blake fixes the place, and keeps it up the player does the lion's share of décor choices, with unique ones unlocked by Blake in a randomizer play cycles (without repeats till all unlocked). Character should be a snide, almost condescending character akin to Alfred Pennyworth in Batman.

Kent Connolly could be added (as he is pre-war ghoul) as a tech aid in the Mansion. He will have a reason to have retreated back to Boston and the Memory Den, but his inclusion would be a huge Easter Egg to the fans of 4, and would mean the Silver Shroud incident in 2287 was his second attempt at making superheroes of his fandom help the wastes. (It would also explain his skill at it). (This would retcon him to reliving these times rather than his prewar memories in the Memory Den)

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Storyline Ideas:

Watoga Lost: The Blood Eagles (under the Dollmaker now), take over Watoga using the Mayor for a Day protocols, turns the robots hostile, as well as many MANY blood eagles to encounter.

Call for aid to the Unstoppables comes from the Watoga Security Chief, who as before is unaffected by the changes to Mayor-ship.

A Fuzzy Foe: Gangs of miscreants in Mr. Fuzzy outfits are raiding settlements. Seek them out at their home base and beware the dangers inherent there. (repurpose the bumper cars as a war-room again, per NukaWorld's raiders).

Scorched Surge: Scorched are appearing in greater numbers again,

Waves of Scorched fight the Unstoppables in enclosed location with SB finale, as per the Glassed Caverns. Perhaps add civilian "hostages" the team has to protect/heal.

Something with the Insane Asylum (Fort Defiance's right side wing)

Insert new Daily Op style missions (Today's Exciting Adventure!!!) to take out major threats to the Wasteland. Scorched and Blood Eagle raiders are the primaries, with robot hordes and a new enemy

(Maybe Commissioner Chaos and the enemies of the Unstoppables, the Scribe of Avalon's dirty secrets, Ragnorak, the Mayor of Grafton/Watoga gone mad? )

Add rerolls to Unstoppable garb and weapons secondary and trietary effects with legendary modules, reward those modules, as well as new Plans and character unlocks for these Adventures.

Each character would be unlocked by a player for playing the Adventures, with two being unlocked at the start (the MOM and a character of player choice). Character unlocks should be about as rare as Rare plans / outfits are now with similar requirements.


Tie in the Unstoppables, with the ability to reskin the Outfit to other members of the Unstoppables, with adherent bonuses.

You could even tie in other new characters such as KD Inkwell, and Alistar the Paladin, Cynnoc the Scribe of Avalon, The Mechanist, Armor Ace, Captain Cosmos, Nuka-Girl and of course, Vaultboy, and Vaultgirl.

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For now we will concentrate on the Unstoppables.

MoM: Use existing equipment in the Regalia of Mysteries as a guide for power curve for the rest. However Fredrick does see the need to upgrade some of the equipment.

Grognak: (Tank role) Most DR/ER and a BIG str bonus would be Grognak, maybe a STR boost.

Manta Man: Movement Boost, Swim in Water, reskin of his weapon would be a version of the King Mirelurk scream.

The inspector: Lesser personal version of the institute teleportation, short range and line of sight only. Orb of fire weapon?

The Silver Shroud would be the recurring new "Boss" of the Superhero group, being the original Mistress of Mysteries husband and tech guy, but his Shrouds would be bonuses to stealth, perhaps an endgame auto use of the phantom device when stealthing in combat, as well as Commando style build using the Silver Shroud's Silver Machine Gun, which to balance against the MoM Voice of Ra, would be Zealots/FF/Faster reload

Each needs two weapons, or abilities


Blade of Bastet (100% Armor Pen when enhanced), Voice of Set (Antirobot, +70en with 25% chance for stun (I personally feel that the Voice of Set should be retooled to a version of the Crusader Pistol, allowing it to "do whatever the writers needed that week") 


Grognak's Axe (big str bonus, on upgrade it becomes the mace, with same antiarmor as the Blade of Bastet) Javelin/Sling/new throwing axe? (perhaps with an anti limb ability on the ranged weapon to prevent runners, or a unique to land the Scorch beasts?) 


Wristblades (tech item built into the suit, makes melee equivalent to the power fist weapons, with adherent randomized buffs, further enhanced by Poison damage (mantas have poison tails), Manta's Sting (Ranged electrical/Sonic weapon akin to the King Mirelurk scream, enhancement has a confuse effect on mobs) 

The Inspector:

Great Balls of Fire (50 (100 enhanced) Fire, catch for 2(10 enhanced) secs, same fire rate as the Gatling Gun), Translocation(teleport) as a secondary gadget, Line of Sight with a range starting at 50ft, extending to 100, and adding a team summon with the Eye of Ra) 

The Silver Shroud:

The Silver Machine Gun (base as per Kent's version in FO4, Enhanced is Zeal/FF/FR), Death's Shroud, (Sneak during combat initiates a Phantom Device automatically, must possess device, on upgrade no longer consumes Phantom Device and lasts longer) 

All outfits must upgrade with the Eye of Ra, as such, and have a secondary piece of armor.


MoM: Regalia: DR, ER, Sneak 5% (20% with Eye), Veil of Secrets (Airborne disease etc, proposed change: with Eye, adds DR/ER)

Grognak, DR, ER, STR, Grognak's Headband (Airborne Disease protection, With Eye adds STR again for a total +2 bonus)

Mantaman, DR, ER, Water Immersion heals as stimpak, Manta Man's Rebreather (Airborne disease etc, grants Jetpack with Eye)

The Inspector: DR, ER, +Per, Inspector's Hat (airborne disease etc, Grants Dry Nurse and Team Medic with Eye)

Silver Shroud: DR, ER, Integral Phantom Device (Consumes from Inventory normally, does not consume Phantom Device from Inventory, and Longer Duration and Confuse with Eye) Silver Shroud's Hat (Airborne disease etc, up-armroed Adding DR/ER with Eye)

This would give everyone the chance to play superhero if they want, while also keeping the core game players balanced with it. I think the ability to recraft a version of each weapon for different bonuses should definitely be applied, perhaps with the core ability being preserved (such as the Sword of Bastet being 100% Antiarmor when enhanced).


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