The VATS-enhanced Gauss rifle and the VATS-enhanced Disciple Cutlass are the most underrated and powerful weapons in Fallout 4

I have been playing Fallout 4 for 2,674 hours, and still sometimes things surprise me.

I've been farming to create a "perfect save" after doing Nuka World but not doing any other content in Fallout 4. I wanted to get a Two-Shot/Instigating Gauss and a good Disciples knife to do the whole game with.

My RNG this playthrough has been weird in that I've been getting a lot of VATS stuff. When I got a VATS-enhanced Gauss, I thought it was interesting but didn't think it was as good as a Two-Shot. I was wrong.

This thing is grossly underrated. There seems to be next to nothing on the internet on the VATS-enhanced Gauss. Someone made a YouTube video using it, but it was not Survival. I could not find much else, so I made a thread here, and a fellow named 50-50-bmg suggested using a non-suppressed, reflex sight, standard stock setup on the Gauss, (the other mods are self-evident as you see their bonuses very easily when looking in the workbench.) I did place a Suppressor because that is necessary for the Ace Operator perk and its 25% bonus damage, but otherwise took his advice.

This thing does 690 base when not adjusted for chems, etc. and has 9 shots in VATS. While Two-Shot has much better damage, using a 690 damage weapon with fully-developed Agility and Luck trees wastes everything in its sleep.

I took out the entirety of outside Dunwich Borers in about 45 seconds. This Gauss is beautiful.

The VATS-enhanced Disciples Cutlass greatly increases the Cutlass's already generous number of attacks in VATS. The cap on attacks in VATS seems to be 16, and with the VATS Disciples knife you get there without even using your whole AP bar. The damage of the weapon without chems and such is 636, and this gets increased by Blitz lvl 2 so you can just dash from enemy to enemy, gut them with 1-3 hits and dash on to the next enemy, etc. The power is insane, and you very rarely run out of AP — and a lot of perks in Agility and Luck increase the damage with Criticals and restore AP. While one might think that something like Furious is a better modifier, the 636 damage which gets adjusted by Blitz 2 and stuff like chems makes VATS enhanced Disciples Cutlass better simply because it is already so powerful and the crazy number of hits means nothing that messes with you can survive you running out of AP and crits.

The perks I am using for these weapons are standard for Melee and Rifleman: Big Leagues, Rooted, Bloody Mess, etc. Also, I am using Lone Wanderer, fully maxed, and Ace Operator and Pack Alpha from Nuka World (25% damage to Suppressor-enhanced and Melee damage, respectively.) Also, for Melee, the Disciples Cutlass gets 25% more damage from SCAVR #2 in Nuka World and 3 Str and 3 End from SCAVR #5 when you have less than 100 caps on you.

Please feel free to ask questions if I was unclear on something. And try these great weapons if you get them. They are just so much fun.

Thanks again to 50-50-bmg for his/her advice.


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