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Full disclosure, these past few weeks I felt like I was getting very close to being burned out on this game. I used to fast travel between places very frequently and for a while had my in-game music turned off while I listened to spotify just trying to farm gold/rep/legendaries. It started to feel more like a job and less like a game. In an effort to make the game less grindy and more enjoyable for a level 230+ player (been here since '18). I re-enabled the in-game soundtrack and started walking/exploring a lot more than I had been. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in past games (FO1-FO4) and I kinda forgot how good it is in this game.

This led me to appreciate just how beautiful the landscape, lighting, and soundtrack really are. When you stop grinding so hard and start to really immerse yourself in the world, it is really amazing and puts you in the moment like the other fallouts did for me. I was walking along the Toxic Dried Lakebed and a decent shower of rain was coming down. The soundtrack, dark night lighting and the sound of the rain in the water just really made me feel like I was there. Another time I set my shelter down overlooking a large cliff and in the distance I could see rain clouds over the Mire in all it's dark and gloomy atmosphere. Lastly, I had been exploring the underground tunnels at some location (don't remember where) and as I came out I was greeted by rays of light and really "bright" music that contrasted well against the dark caverns I just exited.

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I know this all probably sounds kind of corny, but I just wanted to put this out there for other people who might be nearing burn-out like I was. Slow down and enjoy the ride if you can, there's a great big wasteland out there. 🙂

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