This sub is kinda biased on what “RPG” means

Content of the article: "This sub is kinda biased on what “RPG” means"

Let me explain, using the OG Dungeons and Dragons.

DnD consists of 3 core pillars: Combat, Exploration, and Social Interaction. (Plus, levelling up)

This is true of pretty much every RPG, save for some sub-genres.

Look at Final Fantasy: Combat is obvious, the Exploration is done through exploring dungeons, the overworld, and towns, and the Social Interaction through being able to talk to NPCs and Party Members. Levelling up grants you increased stats and new abilities for combat.

All of that combined is what makes an RPG an RPG. But for some reason, every time someone talks about "RPG elements" on this sub, they're practically always talking about Social Interaction elements.

Naturally, this conversation is kinda about Fallout 4. People say it's a "good game but a bad fallout game/rpg", or that it "doesn't have good RPG elements"… but that opinion seems to come from a biased perspective on what it means to be an RPG, where the only focus is on the Social Interaction/Story and seemingly nothing else.

Fallout 4 is a pretty darn good RPG simply going by the usual standards:

Combat: Improved A.I., lots of weapons/weapon customisation, great level design/world design gives the combat interesting environments, varied enemies, different combat styles (Melee/guns/throwables/sneak, etc.)

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Exploration: Interesting locales, lots of lore and backstory in almost every location, plenty of dungeons big and small, varied environments

Social Interaction: This is the weakest, but even then, there's still plenty of people to talk to with their own stories and personalities.

Levelling up is also pretty good in terms of simply being a general RPG.

TL'DR: Look, I'm not trying to get people to like Fallout 4, or even stop disliking it, I'm just trying to balance the discussion a bit in the sense that people are often… inaccurate in their calling it a "bad rpg" or saying that it has "bad RPG elements". It isn't, and it doesn't… it just doesn't focus on the elements you expect from a Fallout game, and that's a perfectly valid criticism.

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