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Continuing where I left off. I wanted to add that enemy (and player) movement should take the body type, weight, and dimensions into account. Bipedal humanoids for instance can turn around easily, especially when standing still, but having all our weight distributed across two legs makes acceleration laborious. Meaning there's a short "wind up" from motionless to jogging, and then to running.

Similarly, while we can steer while sprinting, it slows us down; we'd stumble and hurt ourselves if we tried to make a snap turn. Compare that to say, a giant ant, or radscorpion.

Many legs let you accelerate easily; anyone whose seen a Roach dart away from the kitchen light understands this. Those fuckers just go off, but forcing them to change direction is their downfall. Many legs can't turn quickly, or one pair of legs will stumble over the pair in front of it. The trick to stepping on a Roach is stepping adjacent to it. This scares it into pulling a sharp turn, which forces the roach to stop; that window is when you bring the other foot down.

MY POINT BEING. Circle strafing should be the Achilles heel of the radscorpion. Ghouls should slow down a bit when they barrel around the corner at very high speeds. Ghouls also need collision physics. It's bullshit the way they glide over obstacles and each other to hit you with the flying tackle.

Anyway, moving onto…


  • While it is creatively bankrupt, I've made peace with the fact that 50 gallon drums of FEV were stashed all across the United States.
  • If Bethesda is too lazy to invent something new that fills their niche; they could at least make them into something more interesting than big, green raiders.
  • Supermutants in the Bethesda games are basically what happened when Bethesda copied Games Workshop's homework (they made Warhammer 40k). I say lean into it.
  • No more god damn hunting rifles for Muties. The rifles are slow, have a tiny hand operated bolt, and require careful aim (no really, just imagine a Mutie trying to aim down sights with a rifle 3 sizes too small for it, it's comical).
  • Muties don't have to be nice, but they should chill out a bit. Make them smart enough to realize that big, green, sausage fingers suck for crafting weapons, and that unlike humanity; they are finite. So, they take in humans/ghouls as clan members to keep their guns working in exchange for safety. Of course, they're still 'mutant supremacist' groups like the commonwealth supermutants.
  • Mutants are big boys. They get 20-50% more health than humanoids of similar level, based on their class. Durable limbs, and crowd control effects are diminished by one step (knockback becomes knockdown, knockdown becomes stagger, etc). They're bodies are resilient to poison and bleed damage, but not fire (FIRE BAD!).
  • Lower level muties flee when wounded, at 25% hp threshold. Most muties frenzy at their hp threshold. High level muties and leader classes berserk (remember the brutes from Halo 2? specifically the ones from Halo 2).
  • Major threats in the form of aggressive melee classes (because their big, green, muscle-men duh!), they can even duel wield. Ranged classes favor automatic weapons and big guns, favoring generous magazines and high volume of fire, as well as fire. All classes make use of thrown javelins and tomahawks.
  • They're big. I know it's obvious, but it should be reflected in combat. When the player is outside of power armor, muties will have an easy time of staggering/knocking down/knocking back the player. Muties attack faster than the player in melee ( a sledgehammer is a one-handed weapon with normal speed to them, a machete is a knife to them and has fast speed in their hands)
  • 'civilized' mutants spawn with better gear at high levels. Forged armor plating, Deathclaw hide wristguards/boots, and bumper-swords crafted to dimensions befitting a mutant. Some of them even figured out grenades, .50 cal machine guns, or tamed a Yao Guai as their own "hunting dog".
  • 'typical' supermutants spawn alongside floaters and centaurs who flush out the player and reveal mines. They fight dirty using mutant suiciders, and self-made 'grenades' that splash a region with radioactive waste that persists in the environment for a short time.
  • Bring back the Nightkin. Have them follow the player, and wait until their engaged in a fight before revealing themselves. Program them to patrol bed locations in dungeons too.
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Mutated bugs

  • This will take some time, lot of ground to cover; it's a varied group
  • Bugs take 50% extra damage from fire, because fuck the very idea of giant bugs
  • They take 25% extra damage from poison, which also hurts their AP (Insecticide aerosol grenades)
  • FEV mutation is faster than nature, but also skips the naturally occurring QA steps of natural evolution. As the bugs grew massive, they nearly outgrew their wings and legs (Hence why you see them chilling in the game world, they're resting) they're easy to immobilize.
  • Burrowing enemy types lose the ability at 50% health, that shit gets old. Emergence animations need to be better telegraphed. Having the same 3 radscorpions fly straight up your ass 4 or 5 times ain't fun
  • Remember what I said earlier? About fine tuning the movement and turn speed of certain enemy types. That comes in here. Radscorpions should consume a generous chunk of their AP emerging from the ground, at least 60%. Meaning they can't chase you too far from the hole before they run out of steam, or you could exploit their slow turn speed with circle strafing (it's not cheese, radscorpions spawn in groups)
  • Important thing being, radscorpions are now dedicated ambush predators (just like real life). Instead of the persistence hunters who had limitless energy for digging holes, erupting from holes, and then chasing a human (a persistence hunter mind you) across the damn wasteland; until it got bored and teleported burrowed it's way up your ass again.
  • Scorpion claws target the legs, and deal bonus limb damage. Just like real life, the claws don't kill. They maim you, and keep you still long enough for the stinger to land. If your legs are fine, the stinger attack is telegraphed well enough to be dodged by anyone paying attention.
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Part 3 soon

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