Tips, Tricks and Advice For The Queen Fight

It's been awhile since I've seen a strategy post on this, since at least before Wastelanders hit. The queen fights have started getting a bit uneven so I'm going to share what I know about them. I'm not going to claim to be an expert, but I have soloed her. I'm sure some other old hands can chime in as well.

I. Nuke Placement

The fight starts when you place your nuke. The only thing you have to hit is Fissure Site Prime. The most popular placements are:

  1. South of Dropsite V9. Before the introduction of Tents this gave some of the better platforms to get away from the hordes, but it also has a large area the queen won't land in (more on that later). This is the most popular placement overall with about half of all nukes hitting here. Also, this placement will likely nuke the Overgrown Sundew Grove. There's an assault random encounter zone in there, which means the Wendigo Colossus can spawn in addition to the queen. I've yet to see anyone try to draw both queen and Colossus into the same fight, but it's on my to do list.
  2. West of Forward Station Delta and/or the Glassed Cavern entrance. Similar terrain, but not including Delta in the nuke zone means it's ghouls won't become glowing ones after the fight.
  3. East of Sundew Grove. This was a fairly popular placement for awhile and still viable if you don't care about the Colossus. It has the advantage that you can get the spawn point of the event to be outside of the nuke zone if you're careful.
  4. Dead center on Fissure Site Prime. This irradiates all the popular nearby fight points. If you nuke the queen this way many players will stay away, though with the introduction of Chinese Stealth Armor. This approach favors Power Armor builds for obvious reasons, but Stealth Armor builds can still work and work well here.
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If you have a Fallout 1st membership placing your tent before dropping the nuke is advised.

II. The Fight

My loadout for queen fights is a Bloodied Faster Fire Rate LMG and a Bloodied Fixer. Both of these guns us Ultracite ammo. The fixer is for the horde, the LMG is for finishing the queen. I can kill her ridiculously fast with that gun, but that's no fun for anyone else, so what I do is watch everyone else fire at her. So yeah, Bloodied build. If you aren't running a bloodied build you can still wallop her, but strats to avoid damage won't be as important – especially if you are in power armor.

When I first started queen fights I would go through thousands of rounds of ammo. Sometimes as much as 3000 rounds of .45 in one fight – enough to force a repair kit to be used mid fight. These days I go through around 500 rounds of .45 and about 300 rounds of .308. The difference is that I've learned to not fire at her until it matters.

With sneak, covert ops and concentrated fire I can headshot the queen for as much as 400 damage a shot if she's close enough and my own health is low enough. If she's far enough away that I won't deal at least 200 damage I don't bother – I look for hordelings to shoot to build up my adrenaline. I don't usually shoot at her when she's airborne, I wait for her to go to ground. And these days I don't open up in earnest on her until she's regenerated – this to give all participants in the opportunity to get their damage in – though granted, if there's only three or four of us I'll open fire with the LMG when she lands at half health – she rarely escapes.

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I have secret service armor with a jetpack, and that gets used to avoid her strafe vapor. I'll run and/or fly at right angle to the direction of her swoop.

I use my tent for a mobile firing platform, but it's important to keep tents away from each other so the queen will land. I also stay off the tent unless there's a horde afoot. The tent is most useful for breaking the queen's Line of Sight to you to re-establish stealth. The damage difference between firing when hidden or under caution and firing while in danger is massive.

The most important part of the fight is learning when to fire and when not. The queen can lure you into wasting a lot of ammunition. Getting a Faster Fire rate weapon, even if it isn't bloodied, makes a world of difference. Explosive weapons don't do extra damage to the queen – she's pretty much immune to them. If you have the endurance for it – Fireproof Level 3 makes you all but impervious to her screetch attack.

Cyro weapons do slow her – they can be very useful on her when she lands by keeping her from taking off again too quickly. Cyro nades are your friend.

That's all I know, but I'm sure that's not all there is to it. Who else wants to speak on the topic and help the newer players out some?

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