Toxic Positivity: The State of Fallout 76 is the Community’s Fault Too (Not Just Bethesda’s)

Ever heard of toxic positivity before? Well, this community is filled with it. Lately, I became fed up with people just blaming Bethesda for their screw-ups and pointing fingers at the dev team, at the support team, and so on. SURE, it's their game, therefore it's their fault for the state of the game. But is it fully their fault? Probably not. Here's WHY!

  1. Selfishness & Lack of Empathy: 2 Years being active on this sub-Reddit have given me a clue on how people respond to F76 issues. In general, only major and widely spread bugs are of concern by the community. For example, every time I post a bug on Reddit, people downvote me or dismiss the issue. Regardless if I show proof or not, the majority of players don't CARE about issues or emerging bugs, until they encounter the bug themselves or have proximity with the issue (a friend, a mate, or a content creator they watch was affected by it). That's one of the main traits of selfishness, the lack of empathy until it happens to you. https://www.everydayhealth.com/healthy-living/common-traits-self-centered-person
  2. Loss of Touch with Reality: It is totally fine to keep your hopes alive and to wish the best. But you should also keep your feet on Earth and be ready for the worst if it comes to happen. That way your expectations won't be utterly crushed. Moreover, when you start to deny reality as it is and mask it with dreams, delusion, and wishful thoughts, things get complicated. How many times have you seen posts where people go on storytelling fantastic encounters and recall the most fantastic experiences in-game (some of them fake btw). While the real issues remain and are affecting thousands of players every day. Why does the community value more positive stories than the reality of the game? Remember, having a positive attitude doesn't always lead to positive results. If you don't believe me, maybe scientists can change your mind: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/can-positive-thinking-be-negative
  3. Thinking That Cheating is Totally Fine: I know the community is divided when it comes to cheating but a huge part thinks that cheating is totally normal and fine just because the tools are basically handled to them. Let's be honest, cheating in F76 is extremely easy. New glitches emerge almost every day and some of them are so basic that they are confused with bugs. However, and first of all, cheating is against Bethesda/Zenimax Terms of Service, and secondly, according to researchers: "Cheating is the result of a lack of moral fortitude and education. (…) People weigh the benefits of the unethical action against the costs of committing it, and decide accordingly." Now, this behavior leads to something even worse when and "if cheating seems more widely accepted, people are more likely to be dishonest ". No wonder thousands of players got banned for cheating a few weeks ago…
  4. Toxic Positivity & the "Cancel Culture": Well, this point is something that has always bothered and shocked me since I started creating content. You probably don't know me, but I consider myself a fairly realistic person and I am TOTALLY NOT TOXIC. I suffer from anxiety and I try my best to stay away from toxicity. I rarely curse, I am glad for other people's success and I support anyone around me who is down or upset. Anyway, just because you are stating facts and formulate your own opinion accordingly, it doesn't mean you are a negative person. And it REALLY doesn't mean you are toxic. I could write a wall of text here, so let's keep it short. Researchers have shown too much positivity can lead people to be less motivated, pay less attention to detail, be more selfish, and indulge more in risky behaviors . Does this ring any bells to you? Also, too much positivity can cause a loss of judgment and can become a way of avoiding necessary action, it’s a way of convincing ourselves we’re doing something about a given situation without actually doing anything. This las statement is something I suffer on a daily basis. Often, I receive comments of people calling me toxic, negative, pessimistic, a whiner, and so many things. All because I report news and I show the real state of the game. Of course, I don't just feature "negative points" but that's enough to make people think I am a toxic person. Well, I am not and I feel sorry for those who think so.

To sum things up, toxic positivity, also known as "the philosophy of hypocrisy" is really a dangerous behavior and in my view, it's the reason why Fallout 76 is not in a better state right now. A huge part of the community is in denial, they think most issues are not important and they rather discuss funny pictures or incredible stories that might not even be true. When people like me bring them reality in a plate, a lot enables their positive mindset to again, dismiss what's going on.

No wonder Bethesda keeps doing as they please, they know it's not "too bad" to release a broken update because at least half of the community will dismiss what it really means. They know how tolerant, patient, and positive people are and they obviously take advantage of it.

As long as the community doesn't change, Fallout 76 will remain the same broken world. Bethesda will still deliver broken updates, delay features on a constant basis, and treat players as disposal material. Not everything is bad, but it could be so much better if people were not so obsessed with being positive, supportive and cheerful all the time (while ignoring the real state of the game in the process).

Note: I am ready to get downvoted for writing this, which took me hours by the way. I will most likely make a video on this topic in the near future. For now, I just felt like venting. I've never seen a community so overly positive… It can be a great thing for mundane topics but when it comes to a game full of issues, people must face reality and act accordingly. Not hide in positivity and pretend everything is okay when it's not.

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